WRW Selects Novelis Fusion™ Technology to Develop Advanced Tubes

The requirements of the plastic, metal and other materials layered in compound tubes are very demanding, with users expecting complete product integrity and excellent durability. WRW achieves this through exceptional product design and careful selection of materials.

Novelis FusionTM enables WRW to extend its range of premium multi-layer pipes. Itself a multi-layer design, with two or three layers of aluminium alloys joined in a perfect metallurgical bond, Novelis FusionTM technology offers sheet products with brand-new combinations of core properties and surface characteristics. The alloy combination developed by Novelis for WRW delivers both high strength and excellent corrosion resistance – a mix that was not previously available in aluminium.

“The Novelis FusionTM product that we are using is more durable than current alloys and can be used in thinner gauges,” commented Edmund Pilarski, general manager of WRW. ”With it, we are developing new multi-layer pipes for applications that until now have not been possible with aluminium. These new applications will certainly lead to Novelis FusionTM replacing other materials in the long term.”

“We are delighted that WRW has included Novelis FusionTM in its designs, which will set new benchmarks for multi-layer pipes,” added Roland Harings, vice president, Global Novelis Fusion business. “Any number of applications can benefit from using Novelis FusionTM and the team at WRW clearly demonstrates what can be done when you marry a robust material technology with an innovative customer approach.”

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