Z-LASER - our future is green

At the Tire Technology Expo 2012 (booth 8389) our focus on GREEN has two purposes:
- To introduce you to our green positioning lasers which are gaining a strong foothold in the tire industry because of their high visibility, long life times and attractive prices.
- To highlight Z-LASER's adoption of a strong green policy in our own company to improve the quality of life of our employees, our neighbours and our customers.

Z-LASER has been building lasers in Freiburg for 26 years now and we are proud to call home the internationally renowned "green city" for its environmental approaches and its extensive use of renewable resources. The newly installed solar panels on our roof produce nearly all of the power that we need and we constantly are adapting our production to accommodate a green philosophy.

Lasers have long been considered a green technology because of their high efficiency and the fact that they only produce light exactly where you need it since they are so focused. You will easily see how our GREEN lasers really have the highest visibility. Learn also about our precision mountings which were developed together with mayor tire manufacturers with whom we have worked closely for many years. Feel free to discuss other customized lasers or lasers as illumination for machine vision applications.

About ZM18 and ZM12 laser family

These laser production series are compact, entry-level laser products and offer an excellent price-performance ratio for profiling or positioning applications in the tire building, machine vision, automotive, medical equipment, or textile industries. The smart focus ability coupled with supply voltage from 5-30VDC allows a very flexible use in the field. Encased in a 45 mm housing, the ZM12 laser projects a line with an unprecedented +/-5% homogeneity of light distribution. With guaranteed light distribution across the projected line, machine vision algorithms will produce results with greater accuracy than with Gaussian light distribution.

Source: Z-LASER Optoelektronik GmbH