nkt cables celebrates new factory in Cologne

Unique and specialized technical innovations have been integrated into the factory to make the production as efficient as possible.

In 2011, when the moving to the new factory is complete, the production capacity will be increased, specially aiming at Submarine and Extra High Voltage Cables. The factory itself is the embodiment of our customers’ requirements, down to the last detail, therefore the new factory is named “f2c”.

“We have always had a fine dialogue with our customers”, says Dion Metzemaekers, CEO nkt cables group and continues: “which is one of the reasons why we decided to build the new factory. It was clear to us in 2006 that we would not be able to help our customers to face their increasing challenges through our old facilities. We had to create a new production site that could create a leading position, enabling us to fulfil the needs of the cable market, and that is exactly what we have done!”

The mix of energy sources will change dramatically in the future, with renewable energies becoming increasingly important. This change of energy mix will lead to a decentralized energy generation. In order to meet the costumers’ requirements and the continuously changing market demands nkt cables has created the most efficient answer to the future challenges.

“We believe that f2c will play a major role in the offshore business going forward”, says Dion Metzemaekers and continues: “Our new factory marks a decisive milestone in the history of cable factories. Never before has a project in this scale been executed. No one in the cable production business has ever invested as heavily in the future, as we have done with our new plant. It will become the benchmark for extra high voltage and submarine cable production“.

Source: nkt cables