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Tube 2014: Exclusive Special Show PTF Plastic Tube Forum
in Hall 7.1.

As the sector’s leading global trade fair Tube, the International Tube Trade Fair, is held at the Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre every two years. Here world market leaders, innovators and other industry experts meet to gather information on current technologies and future trends in the fields of machinery and equipment for tube making and processing industries, tube accessories and the tube trade over five trade fair days.

Be it latest technologies and applications, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment for producing pipes and tubing in composite materials and plastics – the future of tubing technology will be presented in all of its facets at Tube 2014 in Düsseldorf.

Set up for the first time will be the PTF Plastic Tube Forum in Hall 7.1, a special show where everything revolves around plastic tubes and their versatile applications. The plastic tubing market, in particular, faces major challenges in energy and environmental technology. Plastic tubes boast extremely long service life, virtually unlimited uses and versatility. Plastic tubes are used just about everywhere – be it in gas or drinking water supply, in heating and sanitation systems, in the chemical or pharmaceutical industries, geo-chemistry or the automotive industry.

This why the PTF, Plastic Tube Forum, in Hall 7.1 aims to become an established, exclusive meeting point for raw materials producers, tube manufacturers, tube dealers, raw materials dealers and users. Complete packages including numerous attractive special service features can be booked in two categories right with the project department of Tube 2014. 

Your contacts for this are Markus Liedtke ( and Janike Rotthoff (