Jenoptik's subsidiary ESW receives Boeing Performance Excellence Award once again

ESW GmbH is being awarded for the fourth time


Jenoptik beliefert Boeing mit beheizten Fittings für die Boeing 737. Diese sind eine Standardverbindung für das Trinkwassersystem im Flugzeug. Sie sorgen dafür, dass dieses nicht während des Flugs einfriert. © 2015 JENOPTIK-KONZERN

The Boeing Company issues the award annually to recognize suppliers who have achieved superior performance.

The Jenoptik company at the Wedel location near Hamburg maintained a Silver composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from October 1st, 2013 to September 30th, 2014. With over 13,750 global suppliers, Boeing recognized a total of 548 suppliers who achieved either a Gold or Silver level "2014 Boeing Performance Excellence Award". ESW is one of only 429 suppliers to receive the Silver level of recognition.

"We are delighted to have once again earned this significant award from our customer. The award is also an obligation for us to best meet our demands in terms of delivery and quality," says Jenoptik President & CEO Michael Mertin.

Jenoptik supplies heated fill fittings to Boeing for the Boeing 737 aircraft. They provide a standard ground service connection for the potable water system and ensure that it does not become blocked with ice during the flight.

The Jenoptik Defense & Civil Systems division has a long standing history in developing electronically controlled equipment for de-icing and heating to leading aviation manufacturers such as Boeing.