Particularly efficient and secure crimping - with just one crimping tool

The "PZ6 Roto L" from Weidmüller is a new crimping tool which users can use to crimp securely and particularly efficiently, even in hard-to-reach places - only one tool is needed for this. The "PZ6 Roto L" quality tool provides excellent crimping results and sets new standards as it adapts flexibly to a wide range of requirements.

Crimping often requires great skill and patience in hard-to-reach places or in confined cabinets. The "PZ 6 Roto L" all-rounder allows users to feed the lines and wire-end ferrules either from the front or side into the tool, which significantly reduces the effort involved.

There is also a rotating crimp insert which can be locked in place in two positions. The locking mechanism prevents any accidental rotating of the crimp insert during the crimping process and ensures an accurate high-quality crimp at all times. Weidmüller combines the advantages of a flexible and a fixed crimp insert in one tool.

This eliminates the need for the time-consuming changing of the tool, as the "PZ 6 Roto L" can be used to crimp cables and wire-end ferrules in a cross-section range of 0.14 to 6.0 mm² (AWG 24-10) without the need for any other tools. In order to also avoid time-consuming and costly faulty crimping, the"PZ 6 Roto L" has a secure automatic stop. It reliably prevents the tool from accidentally being opened during crimping.

A high-quality, ergonomic handle design ensures safe and comfortable operation. In addition, the"PZ 6 Roto L" is designed for durable, professional use in industry and the manual trades. Weidmüller crimping tools and wire-end ferrules are ideally aligned to work with one another in accordance with DIN EN 60352-2 and guarantee a consistently high level of processing quality.

The crimping of wire-end ferrules not only requires manual dexterity, but also a suitable crimping tool and the matching contacts. The requirements of crimped connections are specified in DIN EN 60352-2. An essential quality criterion is the tensile strength achieved for the connection, as well as the avoidance of typical crimping errors.

In addition to a wide range of high-quality wire-end ferrules, Weidmüller provides its new "PZ 6 Roto L" crimping tool: The quality tool impresses due to its particularly efficient and secure crimping with just one tool - it makes the work easier, even in inaccessible places or in confined cabinets. Users always achieve perfect crimping results with the "PZ 6 Roto L", as the tool adapts flexibly to a wide range of requirements.

On the one hand, lines and and wire-end ferrules can be simply inserted into the tool either from the front or the side. On the other hand, the "PZ 6 Roto L" crimp insert is designed to rotate and can be locked in two positions. The fixed locking mechanisms prevent the crimp insert from being accidentally rotated during the crimping process. The user presses an orange button to rotate the crimp insert. The "PZ 6 Roto L" combines an adjustable crimp insert with a fixed locking mechanism for the very first time. The consequence of this is markedly better crimping results and variable applications.

Weidmüller provides users with an innovative tool for working without time-consuming tool changing: The "PZ 6 Roto L" allows the crimping of lines and wire ferrules (with and without plastic collars) for the entire cross-section range from 0.14 to 6.0 mm² (AWG 24-10) without the need for any other tools.

Weidmüller's own Omega spring system of the crimping tool allows the problem-free processing of various wire cross-sections and distributes the force uniformly across the entire tool. This means highly reproducible crimping results are achieved as well as durable tools.

Equipped with a secure automatic stop, the "PZ 6 Roto L" prevents the tool from being accidentally opened during the crimping process and helps to prevent time-consuming faulty crimping. The user can release the automatic stop at any time if there is a malfunction.

The "PZ 6 Roto L" has an excellent, ergonomic handle design. The design, material and surface structure of the handles make professional tool use easier in industry or manual trades and ensure safe, comfortable operation. Added to this is the ease of processing at the highest level: 20 percent more crimping force with 20 percent less manual force.

The handles, in a striking two-colour design, are distinguished by their so-called hard/hard combination - particularly advantageous if oil or other lubricants stick to the handles. Thus, wire-end ferrules with or without plastic collars can be easily processed. The pull-out forces far exceed the values stipulated in DIN VDE 0660 T. 100 and EN 60947-1/A11. The "PZ 6 roto L" is particularly suited to small and medium series in the service and repair sector.

Weidmüller crimping tools and wire-end ferrules are aligned to one another in accordance with DIN EN 60352-2 and guarantee a consistently high processing quality. In addition, continuous quality assurance processes ensure high quality standards, such as the service life test, for example, during which the crimping tools must achieve a minimum of 50,000 crimping cycles with uniform quality. Many Weidmüller tools exceed this standard requirement many times over. All Weidmüller hand-held crimping tools are also designed in accordance with DIN 41 641 Part 1.

Besides the new "PZ 6 Roto L" crimping tool, Weidmüller provides KT8 quality tools for the convenient cutting of copper and aluminium cables, stripping tools for all types of cable, as well as a wide range of wire-end ferrules and cable connectors.

Source: Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG