The Han® Torque Tool Set simplifies assembly

Individuals previously unsure as to which tool is used for which HARTING axial screw or screw-termination product during assembly can now turn to the new Han® Torque Tool Set for support.

The introduction of axial screw termination technology, which enables the connection of fine stranded wires, means HARTING has complemented its proven screw-termination technology with the development of one of the most popular field-termination techniques that is easy to install, is compact and does not require the use of special tools.

Assembly merely requires the appropriately stripped stranded wires as well as a hexagonal wrench, preferably with adjustable torque moment. Those who have previously been unsure which tool is used for which HARTING axial screw termination or screw-termination product during assembly can now simply employ a tool from the new Han® Torque Tool Set series.

With three new torque sets, as well as a new screwdriver set, HARTING now offers a choice of tools tailored to the Han® product range. The sets for high-current axial contacts (09 99 000 0833) and power contacts (09 99 000 0834) feature variably adjustable torque screwdrivers that work in the torque range of 5-14 Nm and 1-5 Nm.
This means that products such as the Han® 200A Axial or the Han® 40A Axial can be easily and securely installed. Installation is as easy as adjusting and applying the tightening torque appropriate for the wire gauge.

Besides the variable screwdrivers, HARTING’s 09 99 000 0835 set offers two pre-set tightening torque screwdrivers with a fixed torque value of 0.5 Nm and 1.2 Nm, which are suitable for screw contacts and fixing screws. The portfolio is rounded out by the implementation of the 09 99 000 0836 screwdriver set, which is optimally designed for use with Han® connectors.