Topic of the Month August 2008

Versions of the Material Decorex(TM).
Source: SANDVIK Materials Technology AB.

IIntelligent material technologies are available that are capable of significantly reducing harmful and hazardous wear processes in materials, parts, components and systems within the context of tubes and wires.


Catchphrase of the month: Chemical Nanotechnology

Today, the methodologies of chemical nanotechnology enable the production of material systems of nearly any size. In addition to particles and fibers, nanoscale coatings have already reached marketable status and are a compelling solution as scratch-resistant, self-cleaning, corrosion-proof or hydrophobic films in a wide variety of applications.


2nd ProcessNet Meeting in Karlsruhe

The second annual convention of Process Net, the common platform of the DECHEMA and the VDI-GVC, takes place from 7th to 9th October 2008 in the congress center Karlsruhe. 2nd ProcessNet Meeting in Karlsruhe - Read more ...