A high performance sealing from Dyneon

Durable solution for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries

© 3M/Dyneon GmbH

A high performance sealing solution © 3M/Dyneon GmbH

Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments can be challenging due to advanced technologies and strict environmental and consumer protection regulations, so robust sealing solutions in these environments are a must. A diverse range of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) sealing solutions from Dyneon, part of 3M Advanced Materials Division, offer long-lasting sealing applications that can also improve productivity.

Dyneon offers a diverse range of perfluoroelastomers that are made at a specialised manufacturing facility at the company’s Antwerp plant in Belgium. This plant features a production line dedicated solely to the manufacture of small batches of high-grade FFKM, utilising the most advanced technologies.

A full range of FFKM product solutions

The full range includes 3M Dyneon Perfluoroelastomer PFE 90Z, a peroxide curable FFKM; 3M Dyneon Perfluoroelastomer PFE 7301BZ; HeatShield, a high-temperature, triazine cure material with superior temperature resistance (continuous at 316 °C); the new enhanced 3M Dyneon Perfluoroelastomer E-21464 HeatShield (continuous at 316 °C with further improved compression set); and 3M Dyneon Perfluoroelastomer PFE 7502BZ ChemShield, a grade with all round superior chemical and thermal resistance (continuous at 275°C).

ChemShield - an all round robust solution for chemical processing

Dyneon has developed PFE 7502BZ ChemShield to meet industry demand for a single product that combines the benefits of excellent chemical resistance associated with peroxide curable FFKM technology and with higher continuous operating temperature resistance to improve productivity and the reliability of sealing solutions.

This makes it suitable for use with solvents, acids, bases, amines, water and steam processes and in processes with continuous operating temperatures of up to 275 °C. It is also USP VI-compliant, a specific requirement for the pharmaceutical industry.

"Seals made from the specially-formulated ‘ChemShield’ FFKM are more reliable than those manufactured from most conventional perfluoroelastomer grades available on the market," says Brecht Koebrugge, Product Manager FFKM. "The techniques used to manufacture this product takes FFKM technology to an even higher level and it offers chemical and pharmaceutical processors a dependable means of boosting both efficiency and environmental performance at the same time."

Source: Dyneon GmbH