Coherent expands application capabilities

Improved control, precision and ergonomics are making it an ideal tool for job shops and prototype manufacturing. An industry leading CAD CAM user interface available in multiple languages simplify e.g. nesting, remnant optimization and imports various file formats.

Coherent's HighLight 1000FL is the first member of a family of fiber lasers. Its OEM design simplifies integration into existing machines. The laser is ideally suited for cutting stainless, mild steel and aluminum but also copper and brass. Customers successfully qualified the laser for welding highly reflective materials like stainless or aluminum.

Coherent's Highlight 8000D delivers the highest power within a family of free space diode lasers. Customers can clad up to 16lbs per hour on large parts. A flexible focusing optic allows adjustment of various beam geometries. A Pyrometer helps achieving repeatable case depth in heat treating applications.

Source: Coherent GmbH