ContiTech water pump withstands extremely high pressure

Kits offer greater security for the workshop

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Original quality giving workshops security: ContiTech’s timing belt kit plus water pump © ContiTech

In its 123 timing belt kits plus water pump the ContiTech Power Transmission Group covers more than 90 percent of all European vehicle models in which the water pump is driven by the timing belt. The OE-quality water pumps contained in them ensure greater security for both workshops and end customers. That's because the engine can only be guaranteed to operate properly if both components are of high quality and completely intact.

ContiTech has now further enhanced the quality of the water pumps. The new components contain high-quality mechanical shaft seals which guarantee the pump remains leak-proof at extremely high pressure and high temperatures. The sintered-metal sprocket has a precisely designed toothed profile which enables optimal meshing of the belt. This prevents wear on the timing belt. In addition to the timing belt and the water pump, the kits also contain all the pulleys and other consumables in OE quality. The components are precisely matched to each other, to ensure greater security and simple operations in the workshop.

Water pump as a safety component

The water pump has an important function, namely to transport the coolant through the engine's water circuit, thereby ensuring a uniform operating temperature. A faulty water pump will quickly cause huge damage, ranging from an overheated engine to a damaged rotor drive and on to damage to the timing belt which, in the worst-case scenario, can cause engine failure. ContiTech therefore advises that the water pump - along with the tensioning pulley and idlers - should also be renewed when changing the timing belt. This ensures that the system will run trouble-free.

When changing the water pump, ContiTech recommends that workshops should always compare removed parts with the new components and check whether the dimensions and appearance match. Another important point is that all components and surfaces must be clean, grease-free and dry. Workshops should always only fit new seals and use the coolant recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Once installation of the water pump is complete, the correct belt tension also has to be set.

Kit range: continual expansion

The OEM-quality parts are perfectly matched with each other and do not have to be ordered individually. "We wish to make these benefits available to more and more vehicle types," says Markus Pirsch, Head of the Automotive Aftermarket Marketing Service in the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. The kits from ContiTech with a timing belt, tensioning pulley, idlers, accessories and water pump assist automotive professionals in replacing all the components of a belt drive at the same time. In ContiTech, customers also have a central point of contact in the independent aftermarket. "Not only do we wish to offer first-class products, we also wish to include a comprehensive package which enables our dealer and workshop partners to operate more efficiently," says Pirsch.

Detailed information on the automotive applications is available on the portals for workshops and dealers at, in the online catalog at and from the Product Information Center (PIC) at The kits are also listed in TecDoc, the digital information system which provides the independent automotive aftermarket and workshops with comprehensive purchasing data.

Source: ContiTech Antriebssysteme GmbH