Cortex™ A9 module TQMa6x – scalable and powerful

A starter kit consisting of a mainboard, module, and accessories will help customers develop a variety of system solutions. The module will provide an excellent core for applications in entertainment, human-machine interfaces, and industrial control thanks to its variety of interfaces, scalable power at dimensions of 74mm x 54mm, and low power consumption.

The internal graphics controller is worth special attention. It supports displays with a resolution of up to full HD. Simultaneous connection of up to four displays with the option of presenting different images is also possible with this CPU module. The module is well-suited for screen, multi-touch, and multi-display applications as well as conventional controlling tasks.

Three industrial-suited connectors (2x160 + 1x 40 Pins) on a 0.8mm grid of a type TQ has tried and tested for 15 years provide all externally useful CPU signals to the user.

360 pins provide the user with access to Gigabit Ethernet, USB host / USB OTG controllers, three UARTs and two CAN 2.0B. The user also benefits from a variety of LCD interfaces to connect parallels and single/dual LVDS displays. An HDMI port can be used to connect a monitor. It is possible to add other functional units using the parallel address/data bus, SDIO, SPI, I2C and PCIe.

The TQMa6x has memory storage of up to 2GByte DDR3L and up to 128 MByte SPI NOR Flash as well as up to 64GB eMMC Flash for programs and data. The design also includes an EEPROM, an RTC, and a real-time clock backed by battery from the mainboard.
The TQMa6x impresses with a product life cycle of up to 15 years.
The high degree of interface integration of this module makes it useful for a variety of fields such as machine control, building services, building automation, vehicle and railway technology, and medical and measuring technology.

The good scalability of Single/Dual/Quad Cortex™ A9 CPUs allows a choice of the best performance for a given application. With its ARM Cortex™ A9 core and a clock frequency of up to 4 x1.2 GHz, the TQMa6x offers the scalability that permits to choose the best performance for each application.

The starter kit allows the user to try out a variety of qualified activation scenarios. The starter kit includes a second Ethernet controller. It can also be used as a mainboard by omitting the additional pin strips where all module pins are placed for evaluation.

A Linux BSP is provided for module- and mainboard-specific interfaces. Adaptation of WIN EC7, Android, QNX and VxWorks is also planned.

TQ is expanding its product line with this scalable Cortex™ A9 module with a powerful design. All customers of and parties interested in TQ will benefit from the company's usual reliability and quality of design when it comes to this product.

Source: TQ-Group