HighTorque Chuck HTC - Reliable clamping force even at temperatures up to 170 °C

Many metalworking companies are making eff orts to exploit the savings potentials in machining production through a more effi cient use of energy and material. High-speed machining, high-volume machining and minimum quantity lubrication are therefore the trend.

In order to achieve optimum results, particularly when high precision and process reliability are called for, it is not only the right machine/tool combination that has to be chosen, but also the optimum clamping system as the crucial interface. Here the market offers a wide range of diff erent clamping systems.

The MAPAL HTC combines the advantages of the diff erent clamping systems in one chuck. Also by high process temperatures th HTC guarantees the damping properties and simple handling of a hydraulic chuck, as well as the frictional force transmission with good run-out accuracies.

The HTC is thus a universal chuck for a broad spectrum of machining operations. Thanks to shorter set-up times and its suitability for resource-conserving machining processes, it increases the effi ciency of machining operations.

At a glance:

- High torque transmission
- Optimum damping properties
- High thermal stability up to 170 °C at the tool shank
- With HSK, SK or BT shank
- Suitable for MQL

Source: MAPAL Dr. Kress KG