Aluminium mounting brackets

KIPP expands its product range

© Heinrich Kipp Werk KG

KIPP expands its product range with aluminium mounting brackets © Heinrich Kipp Werk KG

The new mounting brackets from KIPP are a user-friendly assembly aid for many products, including indexing plungers, cam-action indexing plungers and spring plungers. The wide variety of different standard or fine threads guarantees that components can be suitably attached.

What's more, the clamping slots fix the component in place when screwing it to the mounting bracket, which makes it easier to use. The mounting brackets can be combined with many KIPP operating parts. Lightweight aluminium and the compact design make assembly easier even where space is limited.

KIPP supplies the mounting brackets in two variations: in Form A the fastening hole runs parallel to the thread whereas in Form B the hole runs perpendicular to the thread. The mounting bracket is attached to the corresponding boreholes with ISO 4762 socket head screws. All mounting brackets are matt black anodized and are supplied ex works with standard or fine threads from M6 to M20 x 1.5.

Source: Heinrich Kipp Werk KG