MicroPress® rack and pinion press

Precise engineering calls for special production equipment

© 2014 mäder pressen GmbH

MPZ 500-30 © 2014 mäder pressen GmbH

Particularly precise engineering calls for special production equipment. This is why mäder pressen GmbH has expanded its MicroPress® line by the new MPZ 500-30 rack and pinion press.

This new hand-operated press is particularly suitable for precise fitting work in light engineering, where the force needed is low but where the operator has to work both sensitively and precisely.

The MicroPress® rack and pinion press has a force of 500 N with a manual tension force of 80 N. The working stroke is steplessly adjustable up to a maximum of 25 mm. The adjustable press head permits a daylight of up to 150 mm.

The press is quickly and easily converted from right-handed to left-handed operation. The manual lever can be freely positioned through 360°. At 1.5 kg, the press is very light and so can be operated without any problem at workstations in different locations.

In its basic version, the MPZ 500-30 is supplied with a detachable press table with T-slot. In addition, press tables with table bore or in a flat version can be supplied as accessories.

Source: mäder pressen GmbH