Moisture measurement instrument MFM 20

MFM 20 is particularly suitable for chimney sweeps since measurement of the moisture content of the fuel is an integral part of the commissioning inspection, of each regular measurement and of the furnace inspections (in Germany as per the German Federal Immission Act (1st BImSchV)).

The moisture content determines the quality of logwood: the greater the moisture content, the greater the emission of organic compounds and dust via the flue gas and the lower the calorific value. Therefore, the water content is to be limited to a maximum of 20 % (25 % fuel moisture content) for log-fired systems. MFM 20 uses electrical conductivity to measure the moisture. This is a proven measuring principle in use for many years. A hammer electrode is used as a sensor.

These sensors yield much better results than needles. The sensors are considerably more robust to enable practical, real-world measurements in hardwood such as beech and oak. The software of MFM 20 comes with 466 characteristics for wood types and 28 for construction materials which dramatically facilitates working with the instrument. A wide variety of accessories such as probes for pellets, wood chips, screed, plaster, concrete, gypsum, brickwork, etc. turns MFM 20 into a highly versatile unit suitable for a broad range of applications. MFM 20 also features a standard type K connection for an additional temperature sensor.

The measured value is automatically considered in the evaluation. Suitable type K sensors allow for rapid temperature measurements at the wood surface. The automatic Hold function ensures high-accuracy measurements even in the case of variations which may be caused by, for example, electrostatic charges. Regular software updates make MFM 20 future-proof.