ODU-MAC® with even higher performance

Higher flow rate and operating pressure with air and fluid modules

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ODU-MAC at work © 2015 ODU GmbH & Co. KG

ODU now offers the entire compressed air and fluid range of ODU-MAC with higher flow rates and/or high operating pressure. The electrical connector technology specialists' in-house development and production increase the flow rate for the compressed air valves by approximately 20 percent, while the operating pressure for the fluid modules is boosted by ten bar (145 PSI).

Customers in fields ranging from industrial and measurement technology, to testing engineering and medical technology will benefit from an expanded range of applications and at least 100,000 guaranteed mating cycles. Examples include use in shock wave therapy devices in which tailor-made ODU-MAC connector fluid contacts are installed. High contact security, wide range of modules, robust design and versatile solution possibilities are available specific to this connector.

The new modules are also 100 percent plug-compatible with the previous versions and are available as one or two-pin compressed air modules, or as a two-pin fluid coupling module. The customer can choose between a shut-off and a non-shut-off version.

Source: ODU GmbH & Co. KG