Outdoor Cable Connections, Whatever The Weather

The 'Weatherproof' range uses the cable sealing and cable retention capabilities of the latest IP68 cable glands combined with transparent threaded connector bodies to provide a completely waterproof connection, quickly and without clumsy external screwed clamps.

The TEE range of connectors provide up to IP68 ingress protection with varying cable entry options and up to 6 pole connection. The range includes cable connectors, plug and socket connectors and junction boxes, all of which are quick and easy to install and offer maximum protection against the weather.

Terry Spriggs, Product Marketing Manager for Hylec-APL, says: “The TEE range of connectors is ideal for almost any outdoor application. They provide easy access for installation and offer extremely high protection from the external environment. The entire range is available with oval seal adaptors for flat cables meaning that the connectors are suitable for most common cable types.”

Hylec-APL’s innovative range of waterproof cable connectors include the TEETUBE, TEEBOX and TEEPLUG which are all approved to ISO9002 quality standards; they are well finished, high quality products that offer aesthetically pleasing connections. The products are promoted exclusively by Hylec-APL in the UK and are available from national stockists and direct to distributors and contractors from Hylec.

The TEETUBE cable connector is available with 2 or 3 way cable entry options and up to 6 pole connection. The connectors come in various sizes and can accommodate cables up to 17mm Ø. The connector is available with a transparent polycarbonate barrel which allows the connection to be checked without compromising its protection, especially useful when the connection is in a wet environment.

The TEEBOX range of junction boxes is available in various sizes, including the MINI-TEEBOX, to make sure that there is ample room provided for wiring. The range of formats includes a simple IP20 2 cable entry product to a fully waterproof IP68 4 cable entry product. Improved safety locking avoids accidental seal removal, though the TEEBOX is easy to open with the use of a simple tool.

The TEEPLUG plug and socket connectors are available in a range of sizes and pole configurations which are designed to accommodate most common electrical cable sizes. The plug and socket connectors are available with varying levels of ingress protection (IP20, IP65 and IP68) ranging from low levels of protection to fully waterproof, capable of remaining underwater for extended periods. A bulkhead mountable version is also available with a protective cap provided to close off access to electrical connections when disconnected.