Propelled into a new performance universe with Galaxie

A new generation of gearhead combined with an innovative high speed motor and Industry 4.0 connectivity


Galaxie Drive System with hollow shaft. The revolutionary gearhead design makes the gearwheel superfluous © 2014 WITTENSTEIN AG

"Discover infinite possibilities" - this will be the motto under which WITTENSTEIN launches a genuine world's first. The innovative Galaxie Drive System design includes a hollow shaft, very high torque density, extreme stiffness and zero backlash all put together in a compact design. The superior technical performance characteristics mean the Galaxie beats all other gearheads and drives ever invented hands down.

The Galaxie represents a completely new and innovative drive system design with each tooth an independent and dynamic entity. The drive has been fused with the newly developed high performance motor to form an ultra-compact, hollow-shaft drive system with integrated Industry 4.0 connectivity. The convincing success of the initial Galaxie applications are strong evidence that the Galaxie will propel drive system engineering into a completely new performance universe.

The innovative core at the centre of the Galaxie Drive System is a revolutionary gearhead of the same name. In contrast to conventional gearhead technologies with typical linear gear tooth contact, the Galaxie transmits power via a ring gear which generates significantly larger hydrodynamic surface contact. As a result, the Galaxie drive system can reach previously unattainable performance capabilities. This in turn opens up a new universe of high performance drive system possibilities for the manufacturing and handling technology sectors.

Unlimited power

A "no compromise" approach was the guiding principle throughout the design and development of the Galaxie Drive System. Instead of constraining the design when technical challenges arose, the key performance characteristics were optimized independently but realized in concert. The drive system boasts zero backlash, even at the zero crossing, while retaining full stiffness and no reduction in the transmittable torque.

The Galaxie Drive System has more than six times the internal hydrodynamic surface contact area of a traditional gearhead with the same outer diameter; this allows the Galaxie to achieve torque and stiffness characteristics many times greater than was previously possible!

The Galaxie represents a radical innovation and a huge leap forward in compact high performance drive technology, a claim that is backed up by its performance ratings*:

Max. torque: +70 ... +170%
Emergency stop torque: +150 ...+300%
Torsional rigidity: +340 ...+580%
Hollow shaft / outer diameter: +3 ...+70%
Efficiency: +18 ...+29%

* Compared to the market standard for similar sizes.

At the press briefing in Hanover on April 14, 2015 WITTENSTEIN will provide further insight into the new Galaxie Drive System's numerous features and exhibit future interactive Industry 4.0 scenarios with the aid of a demonstration model. A key prerequisite of Industry 4.0 is the cross linking of drive systems with people and system environments, the Galaxie Drive System is preparing to fulfil this role.

Pioneering spirit at its best

In short, the Galaxie Drive System marks a genuine pioneering achievement by WITTENSTEIN AG. The engineers did everything differently this time and achieved a fundamentally better design. Their excellent work will propel the Galaxie to stratospheric performance ranges never before attainable. In a realm where extreme precision, maximum positioning accuracy, repeatability and absence of vibration are all vital, the Galaxie forges the way.