Rapidly and safely joined

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NORMA Group launches new range of push-fit compression fittings for a variety of applications.

NORMA Group has launched a new range of thermoplastic push-fit compression fittings. These innovative products rapidly and safely join polyethylene pipes which are typically used in the industrial fluid transfer and compressed air transportation, in the watering of sports terrains, as well as in agricultural and horticultural irrigation.

Bernd Kleinhens, board member Business Development at NORMA Group, says: "We are committed to continuously increase customer value by adding high-quality solutions to our product portfolio. The new product range not only addresses our existing clients but also extends to potential new customers who can use our fittings especially for irrigation and industrial applications."

The range is marketed under the NORMA brand and comprises 18 different types of compression fittings, available in diameters ranging from 20 to 110 millimeters.

Source: NORMA Group