Secure and predictable holemaking process

Designed for the intermediate hole-tolerance area of H9–H10, the CoroDrill® 870 exchangeable-tip drill saves time and reduces your cost per hole.

CoroDrill® 870 can be tailored to optimize applications through diameter range, steps and length possibilities. Holes can be made more efficiently and closer to the specifications required, leaving holes better suited to subsequent operations.


The interface between tip and drill is simple, accurate, and stable. Optimized drill flutes facilitate chip evacuation and with tip changing possible while the tool is still in the tool holder, you do not lose valuable cutting time. The new cutting edge geometries and grades provide a safe cutting process with optimized chip control, high penetration rates and a long dependable tool life.

- Reliable and secure process
- Easy handling and secure tip changing
- Optimized chip control and evacuation
- Long predictable tool life and high productivity
- Low cost per hole and excellent hole quality


- Secure, high-precision interface between drill body and tip for extra stability
- Tip changing possible while tool is in the machine to reduce downtime
- Drill flutes with optimized shape, size and helix angle provide safe chip evacuation and overall tool stability
- Rigid drill body for high penetration rates and excellent hole quality
- Internal coolant for all drills

Source and more information:
Sandvik Coromant