Small system, highest dispensing quality

Scheugenpflug debuts its new vacuum dispensing system LeanVDS

© 2015 Scheugenpflug AG

© 2015 Scheugenpflug AG

For the first time, Scheugenpflug debuts its new vacuum dispensing system LeanVDS to a broad audience at this year`s Bondexpo (Hall 9, Booth 9212). Designed as a powerful yet economic entry-level system for high-quality vacuum dispensing the LeanVDS is particularly suitable for small quantities, laboratory applications or to replace unreliable and time-consuming sub-processes such as post-evacuation. Post-evacuation is often utilized because investment in a vacuum system is thought to be prohibitively expensive. Not so.

Depending on specific requirements, the LeanVDS is available in various models and sizes. While the basic models in the sizes 300 x 300 mm and 420 x 420 mm operate without an axis system, the machine is available with up to 3 movement axes starting at 420 x 420 mm (LeanVDS U). All models are fitted with the proven Dos P piston dispensers and the material preparation units A310 and feature the SCP200+, a simple and user-friendly microcomputer controller with additional vacuum and motion functionalities. Dispensing is accomplished in a vacuum up to 5 mbar absolute and can be parametrized in the accustomed manner.

Flexibility is the key

The LeanVDS B(asic) shows its strength with smaller parts in smaller quantities. As no repositioning of the parts is required, this system does not have axes.
For dispensing small work pieces in higher quantities the vacuum dispensing system LeanVDS U(niversal) with up to 3 movement axes is the ideal choice. With this vacuum system users benefit especially from a great component flexibility – a huge advantage, particularly in sectors of industries where rapid product changes are the norm. Whether faced with difficult component geometries, complex dispensing programs or a large variety of parts – with the LeanVDS U operators are prepared for anything.

Source: Scheugenpflug AG