The All-Rounder has arrived

BITZER introduces new, powerful SPEEDLITE ELV51 scroll compressors for mobile applications

© Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

The new SPEEDLITE ELV51 is a real all-rounder for mobile applications and is specially designed for hybrid buses and trains. © 2014 Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH

The compressor specialist BITZER has developed a new range of scroll compressors in two housing sizes – ELV21 and ELV51 – for bus, rail and many more vehicle applications. Even in the 80th year of its existence, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors is proven to be highly innovative.

The new semi-hermetic SPEEDLITE ELV5143 scroll compressor features a smaller construction size and lower weight than existing scroll compressors in the ELH series. This is because the ELV51 is significantly lighter than similar compressors – despite outputs of up to 27 kW. Not only does this save fuel and money for the customer, it also reduces CO2 emissions, making it sustainably environmentally friendly.

Ideal for hybrid buses and trains

As BITZER greatly values a robust design with low noise and vibration levels, the SPEEDLITE ELV5143 is a real all-rounder for mobile applications and is specially designed for hybrid buses and trains. For example, the independent adjustment of cooling capacity from the bus engine reduces the system costs, while maintaining the same, or even improving, the comfort in the cab.

A range of applications

When designing the entire range of compressors, BITZER additionally focused on the optimal combination of scroll spirals, electric motor and frequency inverter, integrating these components into one compact system. Other benefits of the ELV5143 include its wide range of applications at high condensing temperatures and compatibility with other refrigerants than R134a.

“The new, electrically driven ELV5143 scroll compressor enables larger application limits and a completely new system concept featuring a compact design, low refrigerant volumes and improved system efficiency,” says BITZER Chief Technology Officer Rainer Große-Kracht.

“In light of the trend towards the electrification and hybridization of drive technology, this market has great potential. With the SPEEDLITE ELV5143, BITZER is one of the most innovative providers and is in an excellent position. Scroll technology marks the future for us for mobile, electrical air conditioning applications.”

Source: Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau GmbH