Tubes and hoses new in the product range

VOSS Fluid extends its solution offering for OEMs and dealers

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In combination with its state-of-the-art machine fleet and extensive technical expertise in all areas of the technology, VOSS Fluid creates top-notch hydraulic solutions in the very highest proven quality. © VOSS Fluid GmbH

VOSS Fluid has extended its service range and now, in addition to hydraulic coupling technology, also offers customized tubes and hoses as well as a wide variety of accessory components. As a result, the company can now serve OEMs and dealers of fluid technology even more efficiently and extensively. Within the framework of program extensions, central service offerings ranging from consulting and pre-assembly to logistics have been even further strengthened.

With this fundamentally extended solution offering, customers are now able to standardize the quality standard of their hydraulic systems and reduce the number of their suppliers. Pre-assembled tube geometries, assembled hose lines, tube fittings and flange couplings, hose fittings, measurement connections, and useful accessories are all products that VOSS Fluid now offers from one single source.

Customized tube geometries

In its new tube competence center in Germany, VOSS Fluid processes thick- and thin-walled hydraulic lines with lengths of up to 6 meters and an outer diameter of up to 60 mm precisely in line with customer specifications. The lines are manufactured on the basis of an exact copy of existing tubes, or based on a sample or directly from design drawings. Customers can choose from tubes made of steel, stainless steel and steel tubes with an organic corrosion coating – thanks its technical expertise, VOSS Fluid offers a wide variety of options.

Assembled hose lines

Besides tubes, hose lines are also an important lifeline of hydraulic systems. The product range of VOSS Fluid covers the entire bandwidth of conventional hydraulic hose lines, including fittings up to 2" and all pressure ranges. All of the company's components, including hose fittings, are equipped with a long-term corrosion protection zinc-nickel coating. Hose fittings with tear-off protection provide a particularly high degree of safety in sensitive pressure areas.

Services with added value

As a result of the increasing complexity of its system solutions, VOSS Fluid is also considerably expanding its consulting services so that customers can increase their productivity in purchasing. To this end, the company provides advice on installing lines and designing hydraulic circuits, discloses saving potentials by means of cost-benefit analyses and supports customer-site installation by providing further educational measures and practical training programs on site.

Logistics up to the assembly belt

Against the background of its new system offering, VOSS Fluid directly supports the OEM market in the assembly of components. For instance, VOSS assembly kits contain individually combined components as presorted material – fully in compliance with the respective production step. In addition, the company also takes care of the pre-assembly of individual components upon request and supplies them as a ready-to-install system.

In both cases, customers achieve considerable savings in terms of time and can speed up their own production processes. With its sophisticated full-service Kanban logistics, VOSS Fluid also provides the opportunity to optimize stock management and to thus guarantee high availability.

Its comprehensive network of renowned sales partners also ensures that the regional demand for small series and spare parts is also covered. These specialized dealers assemble and install VOSS products in flexible lot sizes and act as an extended arm of the company.

New solution offering in proven quality

For its new solution offering, VOSS Fluid is now putting its decades of experience in hydraulic coupling technology to targeted use. In combination with its state-of-the-art machine fleet and extensive technical expertise in all areas of the technology, VOSS Fluid creates top-notch hydraulic solutions in the very highest proven quality.

Source: VOSS Fluid GmbH