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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.01  Drying and baking ovens

Drying and baking ovens

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.02  Annealing without inert gas (furnaces)

Annealing without inert gas (furnaces)

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.03  Annealing with inert gas (furnaces)

Annealing with inert gas (furnaces)

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.09  Hardening, tempering

Hardening, tempering

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.05  Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating
  • 01.05.01  Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.05  Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating
  • 01.05.02  Coating
  • 07  Specialist areas
  • 07.07  Consulting and services
  • 07.07.01  Galvanizing

Our products

Product category: Annealing without inert gas (furnaces)

Industrial furnaces

In the frame of annealing or patenting process for wires or narrow strips, the open fire furnace, IMFLEX, allows to save up to 27% of energy versus classical open-fire furnaces. Its modular concept allows any further possible adaptations.

In the field of quenching furnaces, FIB BELGIUM SA covers all technological solutions enclosed lead patenting, fluidized bed and polymer quenching for the specific market of bead wire and steel cord wires.

Bell and pit furnaces both for the CHQ or the annealing of wires under nitrogen, hydrogen or other technical atmosphere are available from small loads up to loads of 75 T per batch.

Muffle tubes like for oil tempering lines for the spring industry are also part of our range of products.


2. Galvanizing and zinc-aluminium coating

FIB BELGIUM SA offers all the range of galvanizing technologies including for the handling of zinc-aluminium coatings. In combination with wiping technology, continuous zinc thickness measuring sensors and multiple design solutions according to your challenge, FIB BELGIUM SA probably Offers you the largest panel of modular technical solutions.

3. Tele-support: FIB 4.0

As FIB BELGIUM SA serveS customers all around the world, tele-diagnostisis or technical tuning assessment of the equipment may be done by point to point encrypted communication to quickly support its customers.

The system includes on request a full data tracking of the equipment in order to assist the end-user quality control and to optimize the operating costs by following the KPI’s of the line.

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Product category: Coating

Zinc aluminium coating


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Product category: Galvanizing

Galvanizing coating


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Company news




Mar 22, 2018


By its presence and support across the world, FIB BELGIUM SA is a leader in the supply of heat processing lines such as patenting lines, galvanizing lines, oil tempering lines, annealing lines. The portfolio covers bell and pit furnaces for cold-heading quality (CHQ) and the batch annealing wires.
Since 1936, FIB BELGIUM SA has designed the finest technology, mastering the automation for its equipment to reduce operating costs as well as using a modular concept that allows for adaptation of further upgrades while minimizing the investment costs.
New sound technologies on top of Industry 4.0 solutions will be presented such as the very low energy austenitizing/annealing furnace IMFLEX®, an environmentally friendly patenting solution for steelcord, a technology of more compact galvanizing furnace and a new acid-free galvanizing line approach. 
The austenitizing and annealing of wires in the new generation of open-fire furnace, Imflex® has been shown to provide savings of 17 to 25% of energy versus the traditional methods. Combined specifically with the company's polymer-quenching technology, steelcord, hose wire or bead wire lines have never shown such a low environmental footprint. The combined technology has been adopted by a world leader Japanese group as the base of their technology. 
 For galvanizing, FIB BELGIUM SA has developed a processing that is far more efficient, which allows the use of more compact kettles.  
Further, Telediagnosis is commonly used on our equipment allowing end-users to access our internal support. In this framework, on request, periodic analysis of Key Performance Indicators to guide end-users is also possible via our Data acquisition module. In this regard, the platform works on an encrypted approach to assure the full confidentiality of the data but also the protection against possible hacking.

As service, diligence and top-level advice are critical for an end-user, contrary to many equipment providers, FIB BELGIUM SA has an in-house team of super-qualified technicians who daily serve our customers across the world. In this framework, updating academy is also offered to update the knowledge of operators on the side of the end-user: a service that has already shown its efficiency by many end-users.

 As safety, efficiency and environmental issues are also key part of the value of an investment, FIB Belgium SA follows the strictest rules in the matter. In this regard, FIB BELGIUM SA owns the Presidency of the European Committee of Industrial Furnace and Heating Equipment Associations that is the authorized voice in this matter.

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About us

Company details

Founded in 1936 in Antwerp Belgium, Brussels-based FIB Belgium is an Original Equipment Manufacturer for various industrial sectors. FIB Belgium Group is composed of 5 divisions,
Wire & Packaging strip heat treatment lines and Batch annealing
Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant & Equipment
Premix Gas Combustion Solutions
Forming & Thermal Solutions for the Glass sector
Industrial chamber furnaces
FIB Belgium is a world-wide leading supplier of equipment used to process steel wires. The range of products includes batch, heat treatment installations and continuous lines for patenting, annealing, galvanizing and oil tempered wires.  Wires processed on these installations will become tyre cord, lift or off-shore cables, nails, piano wires or even staples.
Due to its long experience in galvanizing wires, FIB Belgium offers a complete general galvanizing turnkey plant and related equipment focused on reduction of zinc consumption and optimized logistics.
To remain state of the art, FIB relies on their qualified and experienced team of engineers, mastering new technologies.  For example, all welders go through a qualification process every 6 months.
FIB has developed its own unique gas fired heating system, based on the premix technology which offers a complete control of the atmosphere in the furnace. It employs this technology throughout its various divisions.
Its glass sector is also undergoing expansion towards solutions for forming and thermal treatment in areas like gas firing float baths and annealing lehrs used in both flat and container glass manufacturing sectors. FIB’s reliability and credibility is guaranteed by its membership at the world committee ISO for gas safety.
FIB are more than just a group, we are a real team originating from 13 different countries.  Our team is efficient, highly capable and also very dynamic. 25 different and specialized skills contribute to the design of our tailor-made products and solutions.
We find FIB’s technology in the objects we use in our every-day life.  
Within this framework, FIB Belgium is a major supplier to many well-known companies & serves more than 60 countries worldwide.
The R&D department is constantly looking at improving our products and processes and is closely working with specialized and globally recognized institutes.  This continuous development of personnel and equipment is a key policy of our company who are continuously developing new and innovative technologies.
In our ever increasing greener world, FIB Belgium’s products are also focused on preserving our environment against the human footprint.
To promote its products, FIB Belgium works in co-operation with 23 agents worldwide.

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Wire industry

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