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  • 04.02  Pressing, extruding (dies, extrusion dies, arbors)

Pressing, extruding (dies, extrusion dies, arbors)

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Product category: Pressing, extruding (dies, extrusion dies, arbors)


Formtaps are special tools for the chip free production of threads inside a hole. The non-cutting cold working process has a extreme compacting effect on the material and does not break the so called fiber direction of the material. In contrast to "cutting" the threads by roll forming the material is not cut out. Instead due to the special geometry of the tool, the material is pushed into the area of the thread flank, the material is consolidated in such a manner that the developing thread can withstand extreme static and dynamic loads.

This procedure is particularly suitable with Thermal Drilled holes to the production of threaded connections. The result is that the structure of the thin-walled socket is very strongly consolidated, whereby a high firmness of the thread is ensured.

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Product category: Pressing, extruding (dies, extrusion dies, arbors)


Formdrills must withstand extreme operating conditions. From soft metals such as brass, copper, aluminum also hard structural steels up to high-grade steel or high-strength special alloys. Formdrills have a high tool life and repetition accuracy and are made of a special carbide. State of the art grinding technology ensures our tools are manufactured to the highest precision.

"Standard" Formdrills are available between 2.0 mm and 25.4 mm tool diameter with graduations of 1/10mm.
"Special" Formdrill tools can be produced according to the customers needs . Our technical team can assist with all testing and analysis needed.

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Product category: Pressing, extruding (dies, extrusion dies, arbors)

Tool holders & Collets

Especially for hard metal tools the tool holder is of great importance for a long tool life, safety and reliability of the tools.

Formdrill tool holders are not only very precise, but have another important function. The special aluminum cooling ring which takes up a majority of the generated heat and protects the spindle of the machine of excessive heat.

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About us

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One of the major problems in manufacturing engineering is how to join sheet metal, tubing or thin walled profiles in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. Many different solutions are available such as weld nuts and threaded inserts, which are used to increase the number of threads.

The drawbacks to these techniques are: material removal, more production steps, adding external elements, costs, quality, ....
The Thermal Drilling System produces a bushing formed from the parent material itself. This bushing increases the area available for tapping.

So instead of cutting the wall, we use the material itself to form a stronger connection.

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