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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.03  Non-ferrous-based
  • 04.03.03  Copper


  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.07  Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • 04.07.01  Thermoplastic materials
  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.09  Shielding materials
  • 04.09.01  Film, film/foil, laminates
  •  Shielding nonwoven tapes

Shielding nonwoven tapes

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.12  Insulation materials, film, strips, fibre, paper
  • 04.12.04  Plastic foils/film/sheet

Plastic foils/film/sheet

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.12  Insulation materials, film, strips, fibre, paper
  • 04.12.05  Foils of paper and other materials

Foils of paper and other materials

Our products

Product category: Thermoplastic materials

Cable Tapes

Since our foundation in 1979, our customers are the cable manufacturers. Induflex is a major supplier of shielding materials to the global cable manufacturing market, from large power cables to tiny automotive wiring. Induflex is certified to ISO 9001 and strives to always deliver consistent quality, flexibility and reliability to our customers.

Materials can be supplied as pads, spools or master rolls as required. Additional coating systems including lubrication, corrosion and fire resistance coatings. Heat sealed constructions are also available in widths up to 260mm. Cable tapes are often colored to help with identification.

As a leading supplier of specialty materials, we understand the challenges of new product development. In a world striving to develop smaller, lighter, faster, safer, more reliable and more innovative ways to do just about everything, Induflex is the first choice for design engineers.

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Product category: Thermoplastic materials

Heating Elements

nduflex has a specific range of laminates with high technology adhesive systems which can be successfully etched to produce flexible circuits. With dedicated and sensitive manufacturing equipment, roll to roll consistency is maintained within tightly defined limits.

Laminates are supplied in roll format to either standard dimensions or customer specific requirements. Proven packaging techniques enable these technical laminates to be reliably shipped around the world. Typical applications include heater circuits, flexible electrical component circuits, RFID tags, etc.

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Product category: Thermoplastic materials


Induflex has a wide range of barrier laminates for use in power distribution systems as outer and inner insulations on and in between copper busbars.

With our proven technology in lamination and our know-how in coatings and adhesives, we can guarantee adequate insulation.

Consistent bond strength and good cracking resistance, even with multiple bending, is one of our major advantages.

Multiple layer combinations in thickness of PVF film and PET or other carriers are available.

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About us

Company details

About Induflex
Induflex N.V. specializes in the manufacturing of flexible multi-layer tapes for a wide variety of electrical, electronic and other industrial applications.

Since its foundation in 1979, Induflex has steadily grown and today sells its product to major manufacturers worldwide, active in cable industry, handheld devices, heating foils, busbar insulation, automotive, and other areas.

The company's head office is located in Gent at the heart of the European market, approximately 50 kilometers from Brussels and Antwerp.

Our specialized staff designs and creates products that meet your most specific needs. Working in close contact with our clients, Induflex develops new products and "tailormade" solutions for its clients.

Our company philosophy is based on three key notions: Quality, Flexibility and Reliability.

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