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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Testing
  • 06.01  Testing of raw materials

Testing of raw materials

  • 06  Testing
  • 06.02  Non-destructive testing of finished products
  • 06.02.01  Radiographic testing

Radiographic testing

  • 06  Testing
  • 06.02  Non-destructive testing of finished products
  • 06.02.06  Other tests

Other tests

  • 05  Measuring and control technology
  • 05.10  Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)

Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)

  • 05  Measuring and control technology
  • 05.11  Analysers
  • 06  Test engineering
  • 06.01  Materials
  • 06.01.02  Non-destructive material testing

Non-destructive material testing

Our products

Product category: Radiographic testing


The handheld Backscatter Imager HBI-120 opens up new options for discovering, localization and jugdement of hidden objects. It is ideal in order to discover anomalies and the inspection of conspicuous vehicles and peculiar freights. Without the need to open up suitcases, containers, doors and cupboards concealed items like smuggled goods, money, narcotics, explosives, weapons can easily be found. With the optimized x-ray tube of 120 keV the HBI-120 can even go through 2 mm of steel. As a comparision: a car door is about 1 mm thick. The Backscatter imager does only need to be moved at the outside of a container and the user can see in real-time on the high-resolution screen a two-dimensional picture. Anomalies are seen right away. Investigations can be directly introduced.

•Non-contact scanning
•Look through different surfaces
•Looks even through up to 2 mm thick steel
•Small and handy, weighs only 3 kg
•Easy to handle
•With integrated detector
•Discover hidden objects (eg weapons, drug packages)

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Product category: Analysers

Katana sorter

The Katana sorter operates with the new LIBS-technology (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) and is worldwide the first system that meets the toughest test criteria for military equipment (MIL-STD 810G) and IP54. During these tests, the device is exposed to extreme vibrations, dust, cold and heat. The device also has to resist shock-like hits as well as 26 falls from a height of 90 cm. Due to the IP54 classification, it can also operate in rain. The Katana sorter is extremely tough and its battery life of over 10 hours makes it exceptionally enduring.

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Product category: Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition), Analysers

mass spectrometer MX908

The handheld mass spectrometer MX908 detects trace quantities of chemical warfare agents, home-made explosives, hazardous chemicals, narcotics, derivatives of the fentanyl family or other priority hazmat substances directly on-site. Since these substances can be lethal even in extremely small quantities, the device increases dramatically the safety of elite responders in priority scenarios. The MX908 is characterized by stable, selective identification of smallest traces. Frequently occurring substances during on-site usage such as gasolines or after shaves do not influence the results.

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About us

Company details

Handpicked technologies – one idea

We focus on handpicked technologies supported by our comprehensive expertise. Independent of the manufacturer, we keep looking for new technologies and products for you. In our selection, we pay particular attention to degree of innovation, marketability, quality and usability. We will give you the best products combined with the perfect service.

Behind everything else stands a focused idea: handheld power. We want to give you the latest, strongest and easiest methods of analysis.

From the very first stone wedge, handheld power has been the driving force for the evolution of mankind. We have consistently transferred this idea to chemical analysis. The use of handheld analytical equipment has already revolutionised many areas. In many industries such as market surveillance or special units dealing with hazard control, our handheld power solutions have fundamentally changed processes and operational tactics.

analyticon – good reasons for success

Since the company’s foundation in 2000, our vision has been of the “lab in your hand”. Even without a lab expert, analyses can now be conducted where they are actually needed.

Starting from a portable X-ray fluorescence analyser, we have not only consistently refined this idea, but also expanded to new technologies and fields of application. With our range of products and our services, we are one of a kind in Europe. analyticon is the undisputed market leader in this field. Today, handheld power includes XRF (X-ray fluorescence) and LIBS (Laser introduced breakdown spectroscopy) analysers, Raman spectroscopy, NIR (near-infrared), FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy), colorimetry and PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Of course, you can expect the extraordinary from a market leader. In our service centre near Frankfurt am Main, the original products are first checked and then further refined. This happens for example by calibration, customisations, our very own software and hardware solutions as well as by additional documentations and database. We also make substantial contributions to product improvement and the development of new performance features. Our analyticon academy offers training courses, further education, workshops and user meetings led by specially qualified trainers and noted experts. Many of the analyticon academy’s programs go beyond equipment training and provide expert knowledge for which there is no or only very limited training offered on the market. This offer is a high quality and cost-efficient addition to the in-house training of your employees.

At analyticon, highest precision also applies to service. We stand for individual, highly qualified consulting and support.

This is my promise to you. Hands down! handheld power.

Alexandros Giannikos, CEO analyticon instruments gmbh

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