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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.01  Raw iron and steelbased products
  • 04.01.01  Carbon content (low)

Carbon content (low)

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.01  Raw iron and steelbased products
  • 04.01.02  Carbon content (high)

Carbon content (high)

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.02  Processed iron and steelbased products
  • 04.02.04  Annealed


  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.05  Application-specific speciality wires for
  • 04.05.05  Reinforcements (construction industry)

Reinforcements (construction industry)

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.05  Application-specific speciality wires for
  • 04.05.11  Chain steels

Chain steels

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.05  Application-specific speciality wires for
  • 04.05.13  Machining steel

Machining steel

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.05  Application-specific speciality wires for
  • 04.05.14  Hardening and tempering steel

Hardening and tempering steel

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.05  Application-specific speciality wires for
  • 04.05.15  Cold drawn steel

Cold drawn steel

Our products

Product category: Cold drawn steel

SAH steel bars

customized solutions for the steel processing industry
We ma­nu­fac­tu­re al­loy and non-al­loy round steel bars, as well as we are the Eu­ropean mar­ket lea­der in the pro­duc­tion of bars with dia­me­ters of 12 to 14 mm. Tailo­ring to our cust­o­m­er­s’ nee­ds and pre­mi­um qua­li­ty dis­tin­gu­ish our rol­led and bright steel pro­ducts. Our pro­duct ran­ge of mo­re than 2500 alloys of steel enables us to provide perfectly customized solutions for specific compositions.
Our pro­duc­tion ran­ge co­vers stan­dard struc­tu­ral steels, quen­ched and tem­pe­red steels, tool steels and spe­cial steels. The ma­nu­fac­tu­ring ran­ge in­clu­des black, shot-blas­ted, pee­led and  polis­hed steel bars, as well as threaded bolts respectively chamfered, center holed and precision ground steel bars in different heat treatment conditions.

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Product category: Reinforcements (construction industry)

SAS thread bar systems

Our SAS sys­tems fea­ture high qua­li­ty thre­ad bars of va­rious gra­des, up to pre­stres­sing steel qua­li­ty, in a ran­ge of dia­me­ters from 12 to 75 mm. We pro­vi­de va­rious sys­tem so­lu­ti­ons for a va­rie­ty of tech­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring pur­po­ses, in­clu­ding thre­ad bar an­chors for mi­ning and tun­nel­ling, rein­force­ment con­nec­tions, form ties, tie rods, soil nails, mi­cro­pi­les, rock and soil an­chors for geo­tech­ni­cal ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons as well as pre­stres­sing ten­dons for post-ten­sio­ning.
Our SAS thre­ad bar sys­tems are used for con­nec­tions, form­work and an­cho­ra­ges and ha­ve be­en in­stal­led in lar­ge-sca­le con­struc­tion pro­jects world­wi­de. Whe­ther for buil­ding, un­der­ground, bridge or road con­struc­tion, tun­nel­ling or mi­ning, we can sup­p­ly the steel you need to get the job do­ne. In the tech­ni­cal en­gi­nee­ring sec­tor, our SAS sys­tem pro­ducts ha­ve ma­de us the lea­ding glo­bal sup­p­lier of hot-rol­led thre­ad bars.
Pro­vi­ding in­di­vi­dua­li­zed so­lu­ti­ons for spe­ci­fic cust­o­m­er re­qui­re­ments is a chal­len­ge we gl­ad­ly ac­cept.

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Product category: Machining steel

Steel production

This is how our steel is made.
The cen­tre­pie­ce of our pro­duc­tion is a 22-stand con­ti­nuous small-sec­tion rol­ling mill in which ma­te­ri­als of di­ver­se gra­des, pre-hea­ted up to ap­pro­xi­mate­ly 1,200 °C in the wal­king beam fur­nace, are rol­led out to dia­me­ters bet­ween 12 mm and 75 mm. Part of the ma­te­ri­al is al­re­a­dy tem­pe­red in the rol­ling mill uti­li­zing the rol­ling heat. Af­ter coo­ling and cut­ting, the ma­te­ri­al goes to one of our 9 fi­nis­hing li­nes for fur­ther pro­ces­sing.
In the steel bar fi­nis­hing li­nes, our SAH steel bars with dia­me­ters ran­ging from 12 to 40 mm are an­nea­led, strai­gh­te­ned, sa­wed, shot-blas­ted, cham­fe­red and che­cked for sur­face de­fects. Part of the bar ma­te­ri­al is fur­ther re­fi­ned by using pee­ling, strai­gh­ten­ing/polis­hing and grinding, fol­lo­wed by ano­ther sur­face check and/or ul­tra­so­nic tes­ting. Ad­di­tio­nal pro­duc­tion sta­ges com­pri­se sawing in­clu­ding end for­ming, turning, grin­ding, de­bur­ring and ge­ar cut­ting.
Our SAS thre­ad bars with screwa­ble con­ti­nuous co­ar­se threads ran­ging from 12 mm to 75 mm in dia­me­ter are eit­her de­li­ver­ed pre-as­sem­bled or un­der­go ad­di­tio­nal tre­at­ment pro­ces­ses, such as stret­ching fol­lo­wed by an­nea­ling in or­der to pro­du­ce spe­cial gra­des with spe­ci­fic strength va­lues. The screwa­bi­li­ty of the thre­ad bars is che­cked con­ti­nuous­ly.
Part of the ma­te­ri­al is sub­jec­ted to fur­ther in-hou­se pro­ces­sing such as ben­ding, lo­cking and other as­sem­bly steps, which enable us to of­fer our cust­o­m­ers com­ple­te sys­tem so­lu­ti­ons.
The re­qui­red ac­cess­ories are al­so pro­du­ced in-hou­se using va­rious gang dril­ling ma­chi­nes, whir­ling ma­chi­nes and CNC la­thes.

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About us

Company details

Stahlwerk Annahütte - Max Aicher, a lifes work.
"True to my mot­to “Op­ti­mi­ze the ent­i­re va­lue chain”, it was a very im­portant step for me to ta­ke over and brea­the new life in­to Anna­hütte in 1975.
At that ti­me, lar­ge-sca­le con­struc­tion pro­jects for traf­fic in­fra­struc­tu­re we­re dri­ving up de­mand for steel. My con­struc­tion com­panys need for high-qua­li­ty steel pro­ducts was gro­wing quick­ly.
As a pri­va­te fa­mi­ly-ow­ned com­pa­ny we ha­ve al­ways stri­ven to achie­ve qua­li­ta­ti­ve growth.
We put nu­merous ra­tio­na­liza­t­i­on and mo­der­niza­t­i­on ac­tions in­to ef­fect and star­ted the pro­duc­tion of high-qua­li­ty steel at Anna­hütte.
With the help of my em­ployees, we we­re suc­cess­ful in our new start. This is a suc­cess sto­ry un­li­ke any other in steel his­to­ry.
I wish Anna­hütte all the best for the fu­ture!
Max Ai­cher

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