KEIR Manufacturing, Inc.

133 McLean Road, 28712 Brevard, NC
Telephone +1 828 885-8444
Fax +1 828 884-7494

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.09  Cable and stranding machines
  • 01.09.04  Twisting, bunching

Twisting, bunching

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.12  Special machinery and equipment
  • 01.12.07  Airwipes


  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.14  Spare parts for wire and cable machines

Spare parts for wire and cable machines

  • 02  Process technology tools
  • 02.05  for power transmission purposes (cones, rings, guide and bearing pulleys)
  • 02.05.04  Ceramics, ceramic-coated

Ceramics, ceramic-coated

  • 02  Process technology tools
  • 02.06  for rolling
  • 02.06.03  Ceramics, ceramic-coated

Ceramics, ceramic-coated

Our products

Product category: Airwipes

Air Wipes

Finally, an Air Wipe that really works!

Just when you had about given up on finding Air Wipes that would dry wire completely with compressed air, KEIR has developed a dependable, simple and cost-effective new design. Boldly independent by design, reliable yet thrifty, our FRONTIERSMAN makes the most of any situation.

KEIR’s Value Proposition: Air Wipes that exceed performance expectations using at least 25% less compressed air while having an operating life of years as compared to months.

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Product category: Ceramics, ceramic-coated, Ceramics, ceramic-coated

Ceramic Pulleys/Sheaves

• Dynamically Balanced to 2500 RPM
• 95% Alumina
• Replaceable Wear Resistant Ceramic Rings
• Press Fit Bearings

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Product category: Spare parts for wire and cable machines

Flyer Bow Components

Guides: Ceramic & Carbide
Roller Assemblies: Ceramic, Steel & Aluminum
Wear Strips: Steel & Aluminum; Thermally Treated, Dimpled, Notched
Jump Strips: Steel
End Mounts: Steel & Aluminum
Bare Drilled Bows

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About us

Company details

KEIR Manufacturing, Inc. is a North Carolina, USA based company that manufactures and markets a large variety of technical ceramic and engineered products serving a diverse group of industries. We are all about exceptional products and service

For the Wire and Cable industry worldwide, KEIR’s products include a wide range of high purity Ceramic Guides and the Frontiersman line of Air Wipes along with state of the art Composite Flyer Bows and Ceramic Pulleys from the recently acquired Wire Products business unit of Kamatics. KEIR also produces engineered ceramic products for the textile, brick and sandblasting industries as well as high-temperature furnace components and a large number of other specialty applications. We established an abrasives division in 2001 to manufacture superior quality sharpening, dressing, and polishing stones.

Since its inception in 1983, KEIR has developed proprietary forming and machining methods that allow us to produce an incredible assortment of parts efficiently and quickly, usually without expensive tooling. We have an entrepreneurial culture that seeks to challenge assumptions.

KEIR Manufacturing does business with more than 1500 customers in 43 countries. Doing business with us is easy and satisfying, Our customers keep coming back.

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