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Shukhrat Saidov

Head of Sales

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Materials, special wires and cables
  • 04.07  Plastic materials for cable sheathing and insulating
  • 04.07.02  Crosslinked plastics

Our products

Product category: Crosslinked plastics

SILON strategic focus: cable compounds

SILON is well established and known as an innovative company, a leader in the field of high-grade PEX-b materials for safety pipes in Europe, which has been the major focus of production in recent years. SILON produces more than 100 kT of products every year, which are shipped all over the world. Our current aim is to strengthen the cable business by selling unique products supported by high-end technology and know-how that cover solutions for key low voltage cable applications: Transport, Renewable, Industrial and Construction. SILON offers a product portfolio covering these segments and is open for tailor made solutions and R&D partnerships especially in the following areas: insulation, jacketing, thermal-conductive, TPO HFFR and PEX-b HFFR compounds.

Our Insulation compounds are designed based on a process involving cross-linkable polyethylene by Sioplass using peroxide and silane as a cross-linking agent. The advantages of silane-based PEX-b insulation compounds are their excellent insulation properties (volume resistivity > 1.3.1016 Ω.cm at 90°C) and ease of processing on cable extrusion lines, which makes them more suited in W&C than peroxide-based compounds. These compounds comply with the following standards: IEC 60502-1 XLPE; IEC 60092-351 HF XLPE; CEI 18-16/351; VDE 0276 2XI1; HD 604 2XI1, TÜV PV 1-F, EN 50618, IEC 60811. Our insulation compounds portfolio also includes thermoplastic HFFR compounds, as well as silane-based PEX-b HFFR compounds, which fulfil VDE 0207/23 HJ2; IEC 60502-1 type ST 8, IEC 60092-359 SHF2 and also flexible PEX-b HFFR compounds used for under-the-hood applications according ISO 6722. Silon can offer thermoplastic jacket compounds with a thermal endurance of up to 70°C, 90 °C according to VDE 0207/24 HM2 and HM4 - B2ca - Dca EN 50575 and PEX-b HFFR jacket compounds for photovoltaic applications in accordance with EN 50618.

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About us

Company details

SILON designs, produces and sells polyolefin based performance compounds and polyester fibers for applications in construction, the automotive industry, for hygienic and medical applications and for general processing. SILON offers industrial park services in Plana nad Luznici through its subsidiary company.

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