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North Macedonia
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Tube 2018 hall map (Hall 7): stand B20

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Tube 2018 fairground map: Hall 7

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, tubes and accessories
  • 01.06  Tubes made from various manufacturing and processing methods (welded, cold and hot drawn, pressed)
  • 01.06.01  Welded steel tubes (also water boiler tubes)

Welded steel tubes (also water boiler tubes)

Our products

Product category: Welded steel tubes (also water boiler tubes)

Line Pipes

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. is one of the most important producers of line pipes for oil, gas and water in the Southeast Europe and recognizable name in the region and broader.
In the past half century period of continuous operation, the factory made a great contribution in the construction of all major pipelines, and gained a great experience and high reputation for quality according to strictest leading national and international standards.
Production program for line pipes is covered on lines for cold forming and high-frequency welding (HFW) for pipes with small and medium diameter and longitudinal submerged arc welding (SAWL) for large-diameter pipes. Range of external diameter is from 48,3mm(1,9”) to 1626mm (64”), wall thickness from 2,3mm to 16,0mm and length from 6,0m to 12,2m.

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Product category: Welded steel tubes (also water boiler tubes)

Structural Hollow Section

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. is affirmed manufacturer of electric welded steel structural hollow section with circular, square and rectangular cross-section.
Structural hollow sections are made of non-alloyed and fine grained non-alloyed and micro-alloyed steel, that particularly resistant to stretching, bending, torsion and dynamic loads of low temperatures.
Structural hollow sections have very wide application in construction as steel structures for high buildings, roof structures, bridges, halls, sports objects, shipbuilding, machine building, transportation…
These products cover the broadest range of a production program of the company and are made on multiple lines for small, medium and large size as cold formed, cold formed and hot treated and cold formed and hot reshaped on normalization temperature.

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Product category: Welded steel tubes (also water boiler tubes)

Commercial Products

FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. has and offers many of its wide range of standardized products for general purpose as:
Pipe elements for installation of liquid and gaseous fluids,
Elements for construction, industry, agriculture, transport and other spheres of the economy.
These commercialized products, behind which stand half-century of experience and tradition, have become recognized in a domestic market, the markets in neighboring countries in the region and the European market.
Nowadays, when national standards in this area are unified by single European standards, and the dynamics of the modern technologies bring steel pipes in almost every sphere of everyday life, the company is obligated to meet customer’s requirements, offering anytime sufficient quantities of its products

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About us

Company details

The factory for welded pipes and  sections FZC 11 Oktomvri A.D. Kumanovo has been established in 1953 and is proud of its name. Initial results of the trial production have been recorded in 1956 and a year later it started regular long lasting production.
Initial production program has been consisted of wide range of various products, that besides welded steel pipes also has been produced sheet structures, household and catering appliances. In 1958 the factory identified the need of specialized production and since then it was orienting to serial manufacture of welded steel pipes and sections of all types and dimensions. Such production was motivated by great demand on the market and wish for far-reaching results, which has appeared to be justified in the last period of continuous half-a century work and achieved results.

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