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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.10  Shot peening
  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.05  Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating
  • 01.05.01  Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal
  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.08  Spring manufacturing machinery
  • 01.08.02  Coil springs

Coil springs

Our products

Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Wheelabrator Wire, Bar and Billet Descaling Machines

Wheelabrator’s Wire and Bar descaling machines are renowned for their reliability and multi-shift capabilities. The process of mechanical descaling can be considered as an “environmentally responsible” non-polluting alternative to chemical descaling.

Wire, bar, tubes and profiles can be blast cleaned in a single or multistrand method. Wheelabrator offers the solutions to descale wire coils with the following machines: 

Single strand machines
Multi strand machines
Wire coil machines

Designed as 3, 4 or 6 wheel machines, Single- or Multistrand longitudinal blast machines not only meet different capacity requirements, but can be optimally adapted to changing product runs. These shot blast machines are easy to integrate into modern drawing lines operating at speeds of up to 240m/min or can be used as stand-alone machines for autonomous finishing.

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Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Wheelabrator Strip Descaling Machines

Today, the different operations for the production of hot rolled strip (carbon-, silicon and stainless steel strip) are done in-line: annealing, cooling, descaling and pickling are combined in integrated processing lines. This combination of mechanical descaling and chemical pickling has greatly reduced the amount of chemicals used.

World leading Wheelabrator technology is available for narrow, medium and wide strip. Blast cleaning systems can be adjusted to various strip widths and quality grades and will enable practically any output demand. 

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Product category: Shot peening

Wheelabrator Spring Peening Machines

Shot peening is an established technology designed to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subject to high alternating stress. Shot peening strengthens lighter components which, optimised for weight and cost/benefit, can be loaded up to the limits of their properties.

Shot peening systems for suspension, valve and leaf springs
Shot peening systems for valve springs and small pressure springs
Stress peening system for coil springs

Wheelabrator shot peening systems deliver reliable process-safe treatment of workpieces of all geometries, sizes and qualities. The systems are flexible, and so offer longterm investment security if process or production requirements change.

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Product category: Shot peening

Automotive Peening

Wheelabrator Impact applies fatigue enhancing, controlled, automated shot peening processes to most metallic/alloyed components incorporated in a motorsport racing vehicle.

These processes are also increasingly being applied to everyday automotive motor vehicle production.

The applications for shot peening in auto sport and automotive engineering are highly varied and are applicable to most high cyclic stress loading environment conditions, including performance sports cars and also very large plant vehicles.

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Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Wheelabrator Wheelblast Parts

Wheelabrator supplies original wheelblast parts for all Wheelabrator product lines, as well as a selection of high wear parts for non-Wheelabrator wheelblast equipment. As an equipment manufacturer we are experts in our technology so have confidence in the quality of our parts and our price.

Wheelblast parts are always delivered in the shortest of lead times, ensuring machine downtime is kept to a minimum.

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Product category: Shot peening

Wheelabrator Airblast Parts

Wheelabrator supplies original airblast parts and accessories for all Wheelabrator product lines, as well as a selection of high wear parts for other airblast brands.

By providing you with a single supply source for your airblast parts, we simplify the repair and maintenance of your airblast machinery. The Wheelabrator airblast parts are available ex-stock whether they are for manual or automatic airblast operations.

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Company news




Mar 13, 2018

GoSun adds 328kW blast power to its descaling operations - with three new Wheelabrator FLs

Since 2010, Zheijang GoSun Co. Ltd has been gradually replacing chemical descaling operations on its drawing lines with mechanical solutions.

With a total of five Wheelabrator FL Wire and Bar Descaling shot blast machines already in operation at the GoSun’s 35,000sqm facility in Zheijang Province, the manufacturer of high-precision cold-drawn steel bar, is mechanising a further three lines, with the introduction of three additional Wheelabrator FL machines.

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Feb 16, 2018

The golden triangle of global testing

Wheelabrator’s test centres simulate and verify any type of blast process

Wheelabrator’s three global test centres play an important role in the development and delivery of shot blast applications. Each with their own specialisms, the three facilities in LaGrange (Georgia, US), Metelen (Germany) and Zurich/Bachenbülach (Switzerland) replicate customer processes on test machines, computer-simulate blast results on parts, and confirm post-treatment part characteristics using metallurgical lab techniques.

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Nov 13, 2017

A New Test Machine for Zurich

The Wheelabrator Centre for Product Innovation in Zurich has expanded capabilities at its test centre by designing and delivering a highly flexible new blast machine for its own advanced customer testing. The new machine replaces existing Wheelabrator equipment.

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Sep 11, 2017

The Magnificent Seven at Marcegaglia

Marcegaglia Specialties SpA has purchased seven Wheelabrator FL blast cleaning machines for wire and bar descaling for its plant in Contino di Volta Mantovana, Italy.

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Jul 21, 2017

Zurich Test Center Moves Closer to the Action

Our wheel blast test centre has moved from its traditional location in Schaffhausen, 50km north of Zurich near the Swiss-German border, to a new home in Bachenbülach, only a short walk (or bike ride!) from Wheelabrator’s Centre for Product Innovation for Foundry and Primary Steel.

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Apr 28, 2017

Norican Group announces the completion of the Light Metal Casting Solutions Group acquisition

Norican Global A/S (“Norican”), a leading metallic parts enhancement company (by virtue of its ownership of both DISA and Wheelabrator Group), announced today that it has completed the acquisition of the Light Metal Casting Solutions Group (“LMCS”). The transaction was announced on February 21 of this year. LMCS comprises three of the leading names in aluminium parts formation marketplace: StrikoWestofen, ItalPresse and Gauss.

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Oct 31, 2016

Stress Peening of automotive springs: Turkish manufacturer boosts quality

A leading manufacturer of automotive springs and stabilizers in Turkey, has invested in an automated spring stress peening machine from Wheelabrator to achieve the highest production qualities faster.

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About us

Company details

Shaping Industry with Shot Blasting and Shot Peening Solutions

Lowering your cost per component by airblast, wheelblast and vibratory mass finishing technologies.

Wheelabrator specialises in the design and fulfilment of surface preparation solutions. Whatever your application, even if it has never been achieved before, talk to us – it’s the kind of challenge that makes us stand out from the crowd.

The Centres for Product Innovation share expertise, and cover industries such as aerospace, automotive, foundry, shipping, construction and medical. Each centre has a group of highly qualified engineers dedicated to delivering the right machine to fit your detailed requirements, and to deliver the finish and performance you require. We not only specialise in the blast process, but can also design and deliver a complete, automated, materials handling solution to include masking, delivery, loading and unloading of the components, and delivery to the next process in your production line.

Your blast machine can then benefit from the support of our global aftersales and services department.

Wheelabrator has been delivering shot blasting solutions for more than 100 years. The expertise, competence and know-how this brings is second to none in the industry, with more than 15,000 active customers in almost 100 countries and an estimated 30,000 machines in the field, whatever your requirements are, you can be sure that Wheelabrator will be able to help.

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