AW Machinery LLC

7 Just Road, 07004 Fairfield, NJ
Telephone +1 973 8823223
Fax +1 973 8823210

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wire 2018 hall map (Hall 9): stand E10-05

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wire 2018 fairground map: Hall 9

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.06  Machinery to solve logistical problems
  • 01.06.01  Coiling, winding

Our products

Product category: Coiling, winding


  • No timing belts or sheaves
  • Optional in-line 4-speed transmission
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to load
  • Emergency stop limit switch
  • AC vector drive
  • PLC Control
  • Wide reel range
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Capable for use with accumulator filling programs

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Product category: Coiling, winding

Pneumatic Accumulator

~Movable carriage with  shaft support on both ends
~Payoff or take-up applications
~Internal counterweight compensates carriage weight
~Emergency stop limit switch
~Wire clamp included
~Cast polyamide sheaves
~Air cylinder or motorized versions
~Entry and exit guide sheaves at wire line height
~Potentiometer included
~Easily integrated to existing payoff or take-up via PLC

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Product category: Coiling, winding

Single-Reel Take-Up

  • Pushbutton or touchscreen Controls
  • Motorized or Mechanical Traverse
  • No timing belts or sheaves
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to load
  • Emergency stop limit switch
  • AC Vector Drive(s)
  • PLC Control
  • Wide reel range
  • Heavy lifting capacity
  • Dancer or Torque Control

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About us

Company details

AW Machinery (AWM) is a North American manufacturer and integrator of machinery and control systems. Although our primary line of machinery is used in the manufacture of electrical wire, electrical cable and fiber optic coating, AWM also manufactures and produces equipment used in other applications including Tube and Hose manufacturing, rewinding applications , extrusion applications, etc.
AWM designs and fabricates electrical control systems used in its machines and for various other applications. Digital Touch Screen Control systems design & fabrication is a specialty of AW Machinery.
In 2003, AWM purchased the engineering information (entire library of project files and designs) and inventory formerly owned by Viteck Inc. and now provides a complete line of equipment for both plastic insulating, and, continuous cure CV insulation of wires and cables from Fiber Optic through Power Cables. Machineries for other industries are also manufactured and supplied by AWM. Short deliveries for new machines, wire line systems, complete technical service and spare parts for both Viteck equipment presently in the field and AWM supplied equipment, is a specialty of AWM.
The current staff at AWM includes some former employees who worked both in the design engineering, production and service areas of the former Viteck, Inc., Videx Equipment Corporation and in various other industries.
AWM is an experienced manufacturer of complete extrusion lines and systems to meet the diverse requirements of the electrical wire and cable industry, such as:

  • Telephone and LAN Cables
  • Power Cable – CV Lines
  • Optical Fiber Coating
  • Building Wire
  • Automotive Wire
  • Appliance Wire
  • Medical Tubing
  • Special Cables

AWM’s experienced engineers will design your system utilizing high quality AWM equipment combined with industry accepted components available from well established OEM suppliers and commercially available products. The system will then be fully integrated with “state-of- the-art” line controls which range from basic analog line control through fully computerized line management systems with features such as data logging, SPC, trending, recipe management, etc.

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