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Our products

Product category: Plastics


Protect wire, cable, and tubing from rodent and termite damage with these repellent
masterbatches – the anti-rodent, anti-termite solution

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Product category: Plastics

Repela™ for Rodents

Repela™ for Rodents masterbatch combines powerful aversives for deterring animals from chewing compounded materials, such as electric and fiber optic cables, plastic pipes, foam insulation, and many other materials. Repela for Rodents is the anti-rodent solution for damage to virtually all polymers.

The initial work that lead to the creation of Repela for Rodents was done by the USDA and released in whitepapers in 1999 and 2000. You can read these white papers on our News page, along with other articles about rodent damage.

Aversion Technologies took these great ideas and created manageable products for incorporation into polymers. The USDA worked with two powders that are extremely aversive – denatonium compounds and capsaicinoids. Both of these materials can be difficult to handle, but Aversion Technologies’ Repela minimizes those handling issues by putting the powders into EVA, which is widely compatible with customer requirements. We then added chemicals that repel rodents through a fear mechanism, making them unwilling to even approach the impregnated polymers. Laboratory tests conducted at Texas A&M University confirm the effectiveness of Repela for Rodents in deterring rats from chewing.

The combination of repellents and deterrents makes Repela for Rodents the most effective additive in the world for protecting plastics from rodent damage.

Main Features

  • EVA-based which makes Repela compatible with PVC, LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, LSOH/HFFR, XLPE, EPDM, PP, ABS, and others.
  • Repela mixes uniformly with base polymer at normal processing temperatures.
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-dangerous and environmentally friendly
  • In line with REACH and RoHS

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Product category: Plastics

Repela™ for Insects

Repela™ for Insects is a powerful insect repellent masterbatch which, when incorporate into a polymer product, protects from insect damage. This masterbatch is especially effective against termites. The active ingredients involved, while harmless to mammals, cause nervous system disruption in insects. Repela for Insects acts as a barrier to prevent insects such as termites and agriculturally harmful insects from damaging polymer-based products and the surrounding environment. As an agricultural mulch, Repela for Insects protects strawberries, zucchini, and young tomato plants from insect attack. Repela for Insects prevents fire ants from making nests in electrical boxes. Added to sheeting and foams, Repela for Insects blocks termites from passage. Tests conducted by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing in Berlin, Germany confirm the effectiveness of Repela for Insects in preventing termite damage to LDPE films. Repela for Insects is the anti-termite, anti-insect solution.

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About us

Company details

We live with millions of other animals – some by choice, others unavoidably. This creates all sorts of frictions. We want the nuisance pests out of our lives; we want to keep our pets safe; we want our crops protected; we want to keep our loved ones and ourselves safe. But protection can often mean harm to other animals. Other times it means vigilance, or inconvenience, or inaccessibility.

At Aversion Technologies, our guiding principle is protection through behavior modification. Our products prevent rodents from chewing on wires by making the wire unattractive; to make dangerous liquids unpalatable; to make pests choose to not eat ornamental plants.

This concept of harmless protection became the philosophy, the animating idea, behind Aversion Technologies. Founded in 2005, we are the only company in the world that exclusively offers products to modify behavior, thereby providing protection through avoidance. We believe that behavioral change can be accomplished through conditioning in the form of distasteful – but harmless – consequences. We have found that it rarely takes more that one or two encounters with our products to cause an avoidance reaction in the future. We aspire to provide protection for people, plants and products through the addition of these harmless substances to potentially dangerous products.

Protection by changing behavior and without causing any harm?
What a great idea!

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