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Product categories

  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
  • 02.05.01  Forming, bending, twisting, fabricating, hydroforming

Forming, bending, twisting, fabricating, hydroforming

  • 09  Pipeline and OCTG Technology
  • 09.01  Pipeline construction
  • 09.01.01  Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment

  • 10  Profiles and machinery
  • 10.02  Machinery
  • 10.02.06  Profile end forming machines

Profile end forming machines

Our products

Product category: Forming, bending, twisting, fabricating, hydroforming


CM30 offers safe cutting for service use.

Finn-Power CM30 and CM35 cutting machines are manually operated and designed for service use in workshop. They can be used for cutting up to 2” braided hoses efficiently, fast and safely. Both models are equipped with fume exhaust connections. CM30 is also available in 12V and 24V. 

  • Smooth blade
  • Brake

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Product category: Machinery and equipment

FS50 - Efficient hose skiving

Finn-Power FS50 is a skiving machine that prepares hydraulic hoses for high demanding crimping.
The machine is ergonimically designed for efficiency and ease  of use. FS50 has adjustable tool operation, which saves in tool costs, and maximizes productivity.

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Product category: Profile end forming machines

NC20 – Accurate nut crimping

Finn-Power NC20, NC30, NC40 and NC60 nut crimping machines provide fast, accurate operation in crimping the nut / ferrule / bush set on ends of hydraulic hoses. These models are intended for use in serial manufacturing. A special centering pin, selected according to ferrule size is used during the crimping. The machine produces accurate and consistent results.

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Finn-Power can offer the highest quality thanks to the many years of experience in product design, engineering, development and manufacturing. Finn-Power machines meet the requirements of various different industries. Finn-Power crimping machines have literally hundreds of applications in the following industries: hydraulic hose assemblies, tube, pipe, wire, cable, plastic and fiberglass.

We at Lillbacka Powerco focus on increasing the productivity of our customers. Finn-Power offers reliability and long-lasting machines with operator-friendly functions.

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