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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.09  Cable and stranding machines
  • 01.09.07  Cable extrusion machines
  • 05  Measuring and control technology
  • 05.08  Drive and control technology

Drive and control technology

  • 05  Measuring and control technology
  • 05.09  Process monitoring systems

Process monitoring systems

  • 05  Measuring and control technology
  • 05.10  Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)

Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)

Our products

Product category: Cable extrusion machines

Single screw extruder

The remarkable high performance of SIEBE single screw extruders is based on three principles: the computer-designed screw geometry specified for the respective polymere, high L/D-ratios and thermo energy mostly suppplied externally to ensure careful treatment in material plastification.
The precise temperature control of each heating zone guarantees small temperature fluctuations smaller than 0.25% of set point. The usage of high dynamical drives and direct power transmission from drive to screw ensures pulsation free run with highest temperature and pressure stability.

The screw and barrel are constructed for best gliding and a minimized abrasion regarding the used material. The barrel is made out of nitrated steel but a hard-alloy construction is possible on request.  To guarantee a continuous material flow, the conventional feeding zone is temperature-controlled and water-cooled.

The low slackness extruder gearbox is constructed as standing U and designed for a low-noise and long-lasting use.

Due to the construction of the barrel housing the surface temperature is very low. The opening of the barrel housing facilitates the maintenance and service.

All SIEBE standard extruders are designed for a pressure working range of 0 – 700 (1000) bar and for temperatures up to 300 °C.

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Product category: Cable extrusion machines

Data cable Cat 5,6,7

The combination of SIEBE HSP-GI-F extruders, SIEBE Gas Injection (SGI) and SIEBE Process Control System (SPCS) enables the extruding of physically, chemically foamed and solid data cables on one extrusion line.
The particular processing of fluor-based plastics is taken care of by using special materials to all medium-contacted components of the extrusion line.

The higher heat density for the processing  of FEP plastics is achieved by use of high speed heating and cooling combinations. The maintenance-free gas injection nozzle for all blowing agents and dosing amounts can remain in the barrel even at process changes to solid or chemical foam. SIEBE Gas Injection (SGI) guarantees exact control of injected gas amount and ensures a trouble-free and flexible production process at highest quality level.

All SIEBE extrusion lines are custom-specifically concepted and designed. The flexible configuration of each extruder allows that nearly all product-related requirements of the customer can be considered.

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Product category: Drive and control technology, Process monitoring systems, Quality assurance systems (incl. factory data acquisition)

SIEBE Colour Match (SCM)

The difference of colours between two cables can be safety relevant. For controlling purpose, often visual inspection with colour cards as well as static measuring systems are used. They should check the acceptance limit of the specified colours. Visual assessments are subject to subjective impression arising from factors such as illumination, angle of vision and colour sensitivity of the observer.

SIEBE Colour Match (SCM) is an automatic system to get objective, reproducible and comparable colour measuring results. The built-in light source avoids measurement errors with inappropriate illuminants.

Cable colours are often specified with colour tables. According to individual customer requirements colours can easily be added via “teach in” function to a database of the SIEBE Colour Match. These data serve as reference for productions with the same colour requirements.

The required colour of cable is chosen from a before defined database and during production compared to the measured colour. Within a given tolerance around the reference colour, the measured colour is accepted by the system. In case of deviation a fault is indicated on the touchscreen.

The sensor spot is limiting the minimal visual width of stripes to actually approx. 0.5 mm. Cable diameter can be 1 – 10 mm (optional bigger sizes with extended optics).

The inline version is comparable regarding size and handling to a diameter camera and can be integrated in a control system via ethernet. Provided with a touch screen the device can also be operated stand-alone. An extended version is designed for offline operation to control the cable color quality in test bay or laboratory. The main differences can be found in the mechanics in order to ensure inspection of short samples.

Thus the SCM is not only used for inline production control. Also offline defined colour values can be verified. The database with all relevant product colours can easily be copied within a tolerance of dE≈5 as a file from one device to another.

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Company news




Jan 31, 2018

Takeover of SIEBE Engineering GmbH by KURRE-group

With effect from the beginning of 2018, the group KURRE takes over the company SIEBE Engineering GmbH, as one of the leading engineering specialists in the field of extrusion technology.

SIEBE will still continue doing business as independent company with its own product portfolio, but will also increase the range of products within the KURRE-group.

“The takeover is the right step into the future for SIEBE and above all a signal for the employees to secure the jobs on site”, says Rainer Spitz, Managing Director of SIEBE Engineering GmbH.

With around 200 employees within the KURRE-group, the know-how in design, production and assembly, programming and commissioning, single machines as well as complete production lines for various industries can be offered.

“For Kurre, this is a stroke of luck and the right way to be able to offer to our customers around the world perfectly customized systems”, says Managing Director and Owner Stefan Plaggenborg.

For both companies, the takeover opens up new prospects and a promising future.

SIEBE Engineering GmbH is pleased to take this important step and will continue to convince its customers with the proven outstanding quality and excellent service.

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About us

Company details

Since founded 1982 SIEBE Engineering GmbH has grown to one of the leading engineering companies for plastic processing machines.
SIEBE is producing customized extrusion lines for automotive cables, data-communication cables, special cables and plastic-tubes.
The SIEBE extrusion lines are specially designed to meet the permanently increasing demands of the industry for highest quality, highest productivity and a minimum of production scrap.
Also measurement equipment for cables can be offered to the market, e.g. color matching system for cables.

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