Agir Haddecilik AS

Barbaros Mah. Yavuzlar Cad. Zaloglu Sok. Ceylan Han No. 1, k: 2-3-4, 34746 Atasehir / Istanbul
Telephone +90 216 3171391-145
Fax +90 216 4707683

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Tube 2018 hall map (Hall 7): stand C11

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Tube 2018 fairground map: Hall 7

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Raw materials, tubes and accessories
  • 01.01  Tubes, ferrous and alloys
  • 01.01.01  Carbon content (low)

Our products

Product category: Carbon content (low)

Pipe & Profile

From thickness of 1,20 mm up to 6,00 mm at the sizes from 15x15 mm up to 100x150 mm…

The profiles of industry and construction and structural profiles from thickness of 1,20 mm up to 6,00 mm at the sizes from 15x15 mm up to 100x150 mm have been manufactured by the new generation production technologies. The name of our company entering newly into the segments of pipes and profiles by using its usual quality and competition power in the industry has mentioned most often in the market. Our entering very quickly into the export markets in the sphere of pipes and profiles like in the domestic market has been proving its reputation of quality and experience perception gained over many year as the iron & steel manufacturer for these products as well.

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Product category: Carbon content (low)

Packed Black Sheet

Black Steel Rolls in all kinds of thickness from 1,20 mm up to 25,00 mm!

In our cut-to-length-line working at the Steel Service Center with the highest quality standards, we are manufacturing at the categories of S235JR, S275JR, S355J2, and S355J2+N. They are supplied as removed inner tension of the material, suitable for laser cut, and prepared with the highest quality.

We serve for industries of machinery, fabrication, automotive, construction, shipping building, and defense with our production as per ASTM and EN standards.

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Product category: Carbon content (low)

Diamond Steel Plate

Our factory manufactures steel rolls of checkered and diamond – chat patterned at the thickness from 1,50 mm up to 16,00 mm within the widths ranging from 1000 mm up to 1500 mm.

Our company creates a difference both in Turkey and in Europe by producing both the teardrop and diamond patterned steel rolls since diamond pattern is extensively used at the internal Turkish market whereas the teardrop pattern is more required in foreign countries.

Place and aim of usage: Black steel rolls, milled for the purpose of avoiding slickness of the steel rolls used in the base surfaces, has been eliminating skid hazards by increasing friction strength with the help of raised relief patterns in the surface of rolls formed during the process of rolling-mill. It is required to use patterned steel rolls; otherwise it would be unusable due to the surface condensation and soaking at the open-air areas which makes the surface of steel surface more skid hazard.

They are mostly used at fire-escape stairs, walking lines, ramps, machinery, wet floors of ship and shore side premises or vehicle, trucks and lorry’s haulage, stairs, doors of cupboard, and covering of outer facade or floor.

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About us

Company details

While the initial foundation purpose of the company was to produce the patterned flat sheet but in the following years it has gained good reputation both in Turkey and in the countries of Europe and Middle East. As the necessity of these growths, it has also started to produce vast variety of products such as plain sheets, pipe sheets, profile sheets, form sheets, slitted band sheets, and cold pressing sheets. Brand name of our company leading in every product group manufactured by the world standards has also been awarded by the prestigious institutions. AGIR Rolling Mill Inc., becoming a global brand name both in Turkey and abroad with exporting more than 90 countries, has also adopted a new logo of AGIR GLOBAL incorporating its name with these backgrounds. Our company, declared as the 383rd company by ITO (Istanbul Chamber of Commerce) within the Top 500 Companies in 2014, has ranked the 2nd company in 2014 within the middle scale companies in 2014 for exporting its products to the most countries, and again it has additionally succeeded to become the 4th company within the category of most successful export companies.

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