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  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
  • 02.05.03  Sawing, separating, laser cutting
  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
  • 02.05.04  Expanding, deburring, peeling, folding
  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
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  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
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  • 02  Tube manufacturing machinery
  • 02.05  Tube processing equipment
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  • 06  Testing
  • 06.02  Non-destructive testing of finished products
  • 06.02.03  Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination
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Our products

Product category: Sawing, separating, laser cutting, Profile cutting machines, Expanding, deburring, peeling, folding, Drilling, turning, chamfering, pointing, Marking, Cleaning, Laser beam testing, Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination


The Gemini 100-3 automatic saw is the latest evolution of the famous Gemini 80-2, sold in hundreds of specimens around the world. The Gemini EVO 2018, the Gemini 100-3, maintains intact the strengths of the traditional machine and further improves the features of speed, strength and precision which have always been peculiar to this model.

The cutting line can be integrated with full automatic deburring/chamfering units, marking units, washing machines and any kind of control, such as lenght control, Eddy Current control, demagnetising process as well as full automatic stacking units.

The saw can cut in single (max diameter/side 100mm), double cut (vertical, max diameter 50mm) and triple cut (vertical, max. diameter 30mm) tubes and/or bars both with HM blades and HSS blades

The Gemini 100-3 is available with cutting heads for steel, brass, ecobrass, ALU and copper and it is conceived in order to grant the highest productivity.

The frame consists in a single block, machined on the machine tools; the weight of the machine has been increased by 650kg, and now reaches the weight of 3.500kg, thus contributing to the stability of the machine, which means precision of the cut, longer tool and machine life and reduced tool change times

Cutting head for STEEL:
Cutting head transmission with hardened and grinded helical gears, including blacklash recovery through electromagnetic powder brake; a card manages the braking system, which is not affected by the microlubrication dust;
New design sawblade guide with hard metal covered plates, further improved in order to make the sawblade change easier and quicker

The saw can work with both HSS and HM one way sawblades; range of Ø275÷370mm (according to the diameters available on the market) with the following options:
32-40 (40 with ring; 4x10x50-4x11x63)
40-50 (50 with ring; 4x11x63- 4x14x80).

The following motors are available for STEEL:
Motor 11 kW – Sizing 132 (47-297 rpm/’). Continuous speed variation through inverter.
Siemens motorspindle – air cooling - 15 kW (32-275 rpm/’). 
Cutting head for BRASS/ECOBRASS/ALU:
Spindle with preloaded bearings.
Sawblade guide with air bearings, including two jaws in order to avoid the set-up of the machine when changing the sawblade diameter.

Sawblade Ø250÷360mm with the following fixing options:
32-40 (40 with ring;  4x10x50-4x11x63)
The following motors are available for BRASS, ECOBRASS/ALU:
Motor 9,25 kW – sizing 132
Motor 11-15 kW – sizing 160
Continuous speed variation through inverter (830-2.600 rpm/’).

Transmission between motor and gear by means of toothed belt and pulleys;
The high precision ball screw driven on linear bearings and the SIEMENS brushless motor grant the absolute precision in the movement of the cutting head;
Mist spray lubrication of the cutting head and quick blade change

High-speed and high-precision feeding carriage with 1.200mm-feed and multi feed facilities. Suspended travel on recirculating ball profiled linear guides. Movement by ball screw Ø 40mm, step 40mm, driven by SIEMENS Brushless motor.
Feeding speed increased until max. 100m/’; automatic regulation of the feeding speed according to the weight of the piece and of the piece length;  
As alternative, high-speed and high-precision feeding carriage with 500mm-feed and multi feed facilities. Movement by ball screw Ø 25mm, step 25mm, driven by SIEMENS Brushless motor;
Integrated lifting system of the whole feeding group (only with 1.200mm travel; option for the 500mm) during the forward motion, in order to avoid frictions and consequent damages on the tube;

Roller plane with bearings, in order to allow the perfect roller rotation also for light tubes.

Clamping system:
Hydraulic closing main vice;
Hydraulic closing feeding vice (carriage);
Easy access to the hydraulic valves to adjust the vices’ clamping force and for general maintenance. 

Control panel:
 The machine is managed with a PLC Siemens 1500 TIA.
ASEM 10’’ control panel: a graphic, colour, operator friendly control allows quick and simple changeovers with the machine controlling all production related parameters such as cutting and feeding speeds. The operator just needs to write on the panel the diameter, cut length and quantity or recall a regular job from the extensive memory facility and the machine is ready to work.

General information:
2,2 kW oil hydraulic gearbox with variable capacity pump;
Automatic part selector (good part / trim cut / final scrap);
Safety covers according to current laws.

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Product category: Sawing, separating, laser cutting, Expanding, deburring, peeling, folding, Drilling, turning, chamfering, pointing, Marking, Cleaning, Laser beam testing, Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination, Profile cutting machines

NUOVA LYBRA - increased production by 15%

Conni Cutting Lines manufactures circular sawing machines for angle cutting with revolving table and upward-moving blade since 1981.

During these 37 years, this historic model of our range has been constantly improved, up to today's NUOVA LYBRA, the latest evolution of the famous C450, sold in thousands of specimens all over the world.

The NUOVA LYBRA keeps the strengths of the traditional machine intact and further improves the features of strength, precision and speed that have always distinguished this model.

Thanks to the latest technical evolution, the NUOVA LYBRA can grant an increased production until the 15%, compared with the previous version (The output information is always to be considered as indicative, as it is the result of a theoretical calculation, and therefore not binding for the constructor).

The sawing machine is suitable for single, double or triple cutting (vertically or horizontally depending on the selected magazine) of pipe and / or bar with HSS blades.

Cutting head            
  • High performance cutting head with black lash helical gears, hardened and ground;
  • Cutting head Motor: KW 5,5;
  • Automatic blade positioning according to the part / profile which has to be cut; controlled by hydraulic cylinder and potentiometer; 
  • Proportional valve on cutting head to obtain variable blade feeding speed according to the material section;
  • Blade speed: with electronic speed variator (inverter) for alternating current head motor - variation ratio 1: 5 starting from 24 rpm/min up to 120 rpm/min continuous; the following additional reduction ratios are also available: 15/60 - 20/100 - 28/140 rpm/min;
  • Blade lubrication by emulsion or minimal lubrication;
  • Electronic saw blade protection system by Ampère limit, controlled by PLC;
  • Automatic revolving table (± 60º), controlled by SIEMENS Brushless motor, chain transmission, pinion with hydraulic locking; the rotation of the cutting head controlled by servomotor; 
  • Table covering with special plate in alloyed and ground steel, with hardness 250 Hd;
  • Table cleaning brush to remove scraps and trim cuts.
Feeding carriage
  • Stronger carriage structure;
  • Automatic feeding carriage 1.900 mm in one SINGLE stroke with multi-feed facilities; feeding on double prismatic guides, in order to grant more precise and black lash free movement. Movement by SIEMENS brushless motor and ball screw;           
  • Non-binding image of the feeding carriage.
  • Carriage speed: from 10 to 60 m/’ variable; automatic feeding speed regulation according to the length/weight of the piece;
  • Integrated lifting system to avoid scratches on the tube surface. The bar is lifted from the sliding surface during the forward and backward movement, so that there are no frictions that might cause damage to the bars; the lifting affects the entire feed system, including guides;
  • Hydraulic vertical vice with automatic positioning controlled by potentiometer; 
  • Potentiometer integrated in the horizontal feeding carriage clamp (hydraulic);   
  • Non-binding image of the unloading gripper;
  • Hydraulic horizontal vice and counter-vice with function of unloading gripper controlled by potentiometer. Running on ball bearing linear guides; managed by SIEMENS Brushless motor and ball screw, directly from the CN. This third axis allows the ejection of the cut piece in a programmed position and allows, if needed, to position the piece for special cuts (special cycle, not included in the price of this offer); Downloadable minimum lengths: 10 mm. for 90 ° cutting; 10 mm. + 2 times the diagonal width of the piece for 45 ° cuts.
  • Pressure reducing valves on both vices;
  • Interchangeable jaws with quick clamps;
  • Regulation of both vices on the control panel by proportional valve. 
  • MICROSOFT WINDOWS 7 embedded BASED SOFTWARE SYSTEM for a complete data management by INDUSTRIAL PC MICROBOX;
  • SIEMENS colour touch screen 15”;
  • Automatic control of cutting length and angle;
  • Different cutting lengths memorisation;               
  • CUTTING OPTIMIZATION (with max. two different angles): when entering the cutting list with lengths, the INDUSTRIAL PC calculates the quantity of pieces on each bar, in order to have the shortest final scrap;

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