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Daiji Tsutagawa

General Manager

73-1, Ouchi-cho
675-2455 Kasai City, Hyogo, Japan




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Product categories

  • 02  Process technology tools
  • 02.03  for drawing
  • 02.03.02  Hard metal drawing dies

Our products

Product category: Hard metal drawing dies

Precise Tuncgsten Carbide Preforms

Tungsten Carbide is quite hard and highly difficult to machine after being sinterd. Making the full use of high-technologies, we reduce the machining allowance as much as possible, contributing to the shortening of machining time for users and moreover to cost reduction and earlier delivery dates.

Recently, there have been increasing those articles which are put into use as they are alloy materials or wich are only partly ground.

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Product category: Hard metal drawing dies

Direct Tapping / Direct Threading for Preforms

Conventionally, Tungsten Carbide has been tapped or threaded with the use of carbide-brased iron pieces or tapmateing(our patent) or by EDMing(Electric Discharge machining).

We have made it possible to directly tap or thread tungsten carbide, whichever round or rectangular shaped it is, at various positions and to necessary numbers. As a result, large extents of cost reduction of molds and shortening of delivery dates have been archived, and tungsten carbide can simply be fitted to iron, ceramics or the like, thus applicable to various molds and jigs. Thus, we expect that use of tungsten carbide will expand by leaps and bounds.

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Product category: Hard metal drawing dies

Tapmate (Threadable Preforms)

Conventinally, Tungsten carbide has been tapped by a tapping-dedicated discharge machine or by brazing pieces (steel material) and using these pieces. EDMing costs very high and involves a problem of strength and large time and labor with the result of increasing costs.

Tap-mate is low cost, high strength and highly reliable, and further allows one tungsten carbide to be threaded at a single or plurality of places.

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About us

Company details

Our company manufacture carbide sintered material and finished mold parts.
All of those products are made in Japan.
We are specialized in making carbides for the purpose of prolonging the life of molds.

This time we will introduce the cemented carbide which increases the life of the forging dies and the drawing dies.
The product name of the carbide is "R type".
"R type" is the materials which strengthened the binder phase.
The matrix hardness becomes higher by strengthening the cobalt phase, and wear resistance and particle holding force are also improved.
Furthermore, corrosion resistance and heat resistance are improved in comparison with general carbide.
And less the generation of electric corrosion and the affected layer with the underwater wire cut.
It will lead to reducing the grinding allowance of a later process.
Since "R type" can be suppressed for chemical corrosion due to corrosive solution, less rough surface due to the elution of cobalt and it is superior materials in the mold releasability where seizure is hard to occur.

 It is thought that the tool life improves by using the materials of "R type".
We get high evaluation from many customers, and "R type" have a lot of examples that mold life was extended several times.
We can propose the optimum carbides for people aiming to extend the life of molds.

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Company data

Sales volume

10-49 Mio US $

Export content

max. 25%

Number of employees


Area of business
  • Wire industry
  • Automotive supply industry
  • Iron, steel and non-ferrous metal industry
  • Electrical industry

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