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  • 01  Raw materials, tubes and accessories
  • 01.06  Tubes made from various manufacturing and processing methods (welded, cold and hot drawn, pressed)
  • 01.06.02  Seamless steel tubes

Our products

Product category: Seamless steel tubes

Heat-exchanger tubes

Heat-exchanger tubes are designed for heat transfer and mostly applied in the processes like heating, cooling, ventilation, condensation and evaporation (of liquids, gases, steam and their mixes). Heat-exchanger tubes are used in the following types of equipment: shell & tube heat exchangers, plate & frame heat exchangers, cooling towers, air coolers and others. Main industries of heat-exchanger tubes application are chemical & petrochemical, power generation (including nuclear), oil & gas and others (food&beverage, pulp&parer, transportation, etc.).

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Product category: Seamless steel tubes

Instrumentation tubes

Instrumentation tubes are widely used for hydraulic & pneumatic control systems, fuel supply lines, pressure sensors lines for automotive industry; for onshore control panels, topside processing facilities and subsea manifolds in oil and gas industry; high purity tubes for semiconductor industry, fuel rods, control tubes for advanced engineering; cooling circuits, brake cylinders for automotive industry.

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Product category: Seamless steel tubes

Boiler tubes

Boiler tubes are applied in thermal power-generation and heating as a part of tubing components of utility and industrial boilers. Boiler tubes in power-generation are used only for utility boilers to generate steam for electricity production. Boilers for industrial applications produce steam or hot water for process applications for various industries - biomass firing (fluidized bed boilers), heating, pulp and paper industry (recovery boilers), waste to energy plants, various chemical processes. Boilers are used for different combustion systems (conventional coal, oil and gas) and usually boiler tubes withstand high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Boiler tubes for nuclear power-generation are used within secondary cycle of nuclear power stations and are a tube components of a steam generation boiler. Special safety requirements are applied to nuclear boiler tubes, which is due to critical application area.

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About us

Company details

CENTRAVIS supplies its products to all key world areas through branched network of sales offices in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Germany, Switzerland, Italyandthe USA as well as sales agents in otherareas such asBrazil, Middle East, Korea, Australiaand others. Sales geography comprises 70 countries. Advantageous geographical location coupled with a developed product range and Western business standards enabled CENTRAVIS to occupy a unique position in the world market of seamless stainless steel tubes. Almost 60% of productsare sold to the EU while the remaining 40% - the CIS market, North America and the rest of the world.

For many years CENTRAVIS has been a leading supplier of seamless stainless steel tubes for nuclear power plants and thermal power plants in Russia and the CIS. Since the beginning of this year, the Company has signed several major contracts with Russian companies for steam generator tubes supply for nuclear power plant projects worldwide with a total value more than $ 30 million. Manufacturer co-operates with the European partners in this direction no less actively. CENTRAVIS supplied the products for such well-known nuclear projects as construction of nuclear power plant of 1,650 MW in Flamanville (France) and "Jules Horowitz" reactor project in another French city -Cadarache. The Company has also made a significant progress in supply of instrumentation tubesfor well-known European car brands.

In addition to energy and automotive industries, CENTRAVISproducts are widely used in aircraft and shipbuilding, chemical and petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive, oil and gas industries, non-ferrous metallurgy, food processing and other industries.

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