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  • 05.03  Sensors and controllers (temperature, moisture, flow rate)

Sensors and controllers (temperature, moisture, flow rate)

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Product category: Sensors and controllers (temperature, moisture, flow rate)


It's a real-time monitoring system specifically thought and realized on metallic tube production companies needs. It's based on the welding seam dimensional direct measure performed by a non-contact optical white light technology (not a laser). Among the advantages of such a kind of measure there is the possibility to visualize and measure at the same time on a micrometer scale (accuracy ±1µm) the in-line profile of the longitudinal weld performed along the tube/pipe. The system is able to operate even as a real automatic monitoring system and acts without operator control as well to detect and alert possible undesired process irregularities (like micro-holes, edges misalignment or missing weld beyond the set acceptance threshold) that are sent to the line plc while the single events are recorded on an hardware support and are always available for a future and further post-process analysis done using the same software application.

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Product category: Sensors and controllers (temperature, moisture, flow rate)

CHRocodile C

The ultra compact CHRocodile C sensor with its robust and integrated design offers high precision punctual distance and thickness measurements. CHRocodile C is specially suited for industrial inline use and easily integrable into any kind of inspection machine. Thanks to its compact dimensions and excellent performance/price ratio, CHRocodile C is the ideal alternative to classical laser triangulation sensors. Frequecy up to 4kHz and output interface through ETHERNET (100 MBit) e RS422 (9600-921600 Baud).

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Product category: Sensors and controllers (temperature, moisture, flow rate)

CHRocodile CLS

The chromatic in line sensor CHRocodile CLS offers an extraordinary fast 3D measure, with 384'000 points per second and nanometric scale resolution. The robust and compact design make it suitable for easy integrations inside inspection machines within production lines, even in the harshest industrial environments. The high dynamic range and the excellent signal-to-noise make the CHRocodile CLS the best measure instrument for all materials, including polished surfaces and highly bended. As a matter the CHRocodile CLS is the best choice for very fast 3D inspections.

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About us

Company details

A.B.Esse started its activity in the first 90's to manufacture and distribute laser spare parts and consumables for cutting industrial machines. During the following years the grown experience produced the contact with Precitec, worldwide leader company in the fields of laser and non contact optical measure, and a successful cooperation relationship in this way started and keep on stenghtening. The participation to specific internal technical training on products and processes gave to A.B.Esse the chance to grow-up the internal skills in each application field. On the other hand attending to the annual sales meeting granted to the staff members to get in touch with all worldwide Precitec subsidiaries, with the opportunity of commercial and marketing strategy sharing. The milestone award got from Precitec in 2008 definitely established the A.B.Esse position inside the Italian country as the exclusive Precitec Service Partner, a key reference points for all customers and potentials in Italy for Precitec products purchase consulting and maintenance/repair service.

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