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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.04  Surface and heat treatment
  • 01.04.10  Shot peening

Shot peening

  • 01  Wire manufacturing and finishing machinery
  • 01.05  Wire cleaning, machining, forming and coating
  • 01.05.01  Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

Our products

Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal

DS (SWS) Shot blast machine for wire

Shot blast machine suitable for the mechanical descaling of wire using steel shot abrasive.
The number of blast wheels and the applied powers (usually from 22 Kw and over) change depending on the production requested by customer and from the work speed (50÷220 m/min according to the diameter and to the material to be treated).
The DS (SWS) machine is normally integrated in a complete line, before wiredrawing beds or integrated in line of gauging or cold working; or out of line but served by coil winder.

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Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal


PM is the name for our shot-peening installations, highly automated, efficient, flexible and user friendly.
Carlo Banfi’ shot-peening machines type PM, can offer a specific solution for shot peening for each type of pieces for ensuring constant ALMEN parameters over a period of time.

Typical pieces treated with PM machines:

Leaf springs
Helical springs
Clutch disc springs
Stabiliser Bars
Torsion bars
Connecting rods
Some of the most important elements which characterize our shot-peening machines are:
a) Special attention to the grit jets.
b) Choice of the most wear resistant materials
c) Continuous adjustment of the throughput and distribution of the grit
d) Controlled grit circuit with automatic reintegration and shape and size selection.

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Product category: Pickling, blasting, scale removal by bending, cleaning, scale removal


Shot blast machines suitable for the mechanical descaling of coil wire.
Wire coils to be processed are supported by two arms, rotating on their own axis and alternatively transported into the blast room, where multiple shot throwing wheels give complete coverage of the wire.
The arm-holder door is suitably protected with high resistant manganese linings. The door supports two geared motors which control the rotating movement of the coil supporting arms.
The arm rotation inside the blast compartment is programmed to guarantee the best exposure of the wire coils to the abrasive action.
The outside arm rotation can be controlled by the operator. The diametrically opposed arm arrangement allows simultaneous cleaning operation of the coils in the blast zone and loading/unloading outside the chamber.

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About us

Company details

Since 1961 OMSG group have been designing and manufacturing machines for shot blasting and shot peening. Starting from June 2017, OMSG group acquired the historical brand CARLO BANFI founded on 1938. The group have installed more than 9,000 shot blasting machines worldwide.

OMSG and CARLO BANFI offer a wide range of standard and special shot blasting and shot peening machines for all the main industries and especially for wire and bar descaling, heat treatment and structural steel descaling (plates, profiles, pipe including complete treatment lines), springs.

OMSG Group are based in Villa Cortese, on the outskirts of Milan and have a second factory in Dairago which is primarily for refurbishing second hand machines and is also used as show room.

The OMSG Group includes OMSG France, OMSG Deutschland, and company CARLO BANFI.

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10-49 Mio US $

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max. 75%

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