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  • 06.02  Non-destructive testing of finished products
  • 06.02.03  Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination

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Product category: Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination


S.E.A (Special End Area)
Aeroplata has developed in the last years a S.E.A. in mode Turn-key where is included not only the inspection equipment (Power Unit, Head and Recirculating System), but also the movement system of the head, a complete automation of the system and the inspection booth. All is designed by us, to be adapted to the different situations of lay-out that the client can have in their site.
This set joined all the cutting edge technologic available at the moment, to achieve an optimum essay and give the operator the maximum comfort and security.
The system has the movement system of the head that position it in the correct way of inspection, through a pneumatic system and have several sensors that keeps the operator safe.
Also there are a few drainage devices for the magnetic particles bath that allows recovering the bath solution making all the system more efficiently. The system has a completely automation through a P.L.C., achieving a high productivity of the essay.

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Product category: Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination


The objective of the DOUBLEYOKE is to detect internal as well as external cracks and superficial and sub superficial cracks in the coupling or accessories. Is composed by coils strategically position to achieve a magnetization in all directions.
The equipment is design to apply multidirectional Magnetic fields and longitudinal and transversal separately.
Once the inspection is over, the equipment allows the demagnetization leaving a remnant inside the 3 Gauss. The Hall Effect sensor inside the head with the objective of measure the residual magnetic field of the tube, allowing the demagnetization in only 100ms when is use in multidirectional mode.

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Product category: Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination

MAGNETIZATOR BY PASSAGE: For magnetize entire tubing /End-Pipe:

The main objective of this MAGNETIZATOR is to magnetize transversally by passage all the body of the tube.
The magnetization is done transversally along the entire tube to detect longitudinal cracks.
Usually is used after that an (ultrasonic or “Rotomac type”) equipment detects a crack, so the tube passes though the magnetizator in a 1m/s speed, and then is ready to be inspected and see if they can repair the defect in the tube.

The notable advantages of this system compared with the spear (for central conduction) are the followings:
 Does not have any mechanical element.
 Is much more faster.
 Is more effective: because the magnetizator has much more magnetic power.
 Magnetizes the entire tubes surface, even in larges diameters as in small ones.
 Has an automatic range selector.
 The cost of the equipment is lower and because it has not any mechanical element, the maintenance is minimal.

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Product category: Eddy current test and magnetic particle examination

Demagnetizer Head

Demagnetization coils of different diameters specially designed to end-pipe. This demagnetization station works with the Power Unit and Digital Gauss Sensor.
MAIN ADVANTAGES when using Digital Gauss Sensor
The Digital Gauss sensor works interactively and automatically without needing the operator. Being this the only way to demagnetize a tube of more than 1 inch. It reconfigures the equipment automatically to enter in the maximum programmed tolerance (Gauss remnant). If it cannot do this, the unit sends a signal to the PLC in factory pointing out that the tube is not correctly demagnetize.

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Aeroplata is a purely Argentina with significant experience in the Argentine and international market over 60 years.
Aeroplata is specialized in the manufacture of Magnetic Particles inspection systems.

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