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Our products

Product category: Tube rolling mills

Ductile Iron Pipe Moulds

Ductile Iron Pipe has been recognised as the industry standard for modern water and wastewater systems since its introduction in 1955.

To produce Ductile Iron Pipe, a process is used in which steel moulds are rotated at high speed before molten ductile iron is poured in. The centrifugal action of the spinning mould forces the material to line the inside evenly. Once the ductile iron has cooled sufficiently the pipe can then be removed from the mould for further processing.

API Engineering supply the moulds used in this process, which must be able to withstand the high temperatures, forces and repeated heat-cycles of the process.

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Product category: Tube rolling mills

Rolling Mill Stands

Rolling Mill Stands are used to control the outer diameter of the pipe during the elongation and diameter finishing processes. Mill Stands in rolling mills consist of several components and systems, all of which are subject to high temperatures, high loads and extreme conditions.

API Engineering has been involved in the design and supply of a variety of custom built rolling mill stands for Seamless Tube Mills around the world. We supply everything from whole sets of stands to individual stands as well as replacement components for various processes including flat-rolling and shape-rolling. Our Mill Stands are currently used in a number of mills manufacturing high quality Seamless Tubes.

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Product category: Tube rolling mills


As an integral part of the workings of Steel Mills, API Engineering supply high quality forged and cast ferrous and non-ferrous rolls for a variety of hot and cold rolling applications.

Rolls supplied include:
Forged Steel Rolls;
Nodular Cast Iron Rolls;
Grey Iron Rolls.

Our work rolls can be supplied fully finished and hardened in a wide range of international standard material grades and dimensions to suit the required application. Quality parameters such as straightness, concentricity and dimensional tolerances are critical and all our components are therefore carefully inspected and supplied with full inspection reports. See 'Quality Assurance' for further information about our testing and inspection capabilities.

Backup rolls are supplied either cast or forged in different material grades and Chromium content to meet the customer's specific hardness and wear resistance requirements. Our engineering department is able to advise customers in selecting grades and parameters to achieve optimal performance.

If required, backup rolls can be supplied with neck rings and bearing sleeves fitted.

API Engineering supply rolls for almost any application in a modern seamless tube mill. Examples of rolls typically supplied include:

Cross-roll piercers and associated Diescher discs;
Multi-stand mill rolls;
Stretch-reducing / sizing mill rolls.

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Product category: Tube rolling mills

Cooling Beds

Cooling beds are crucial to the steel manufacturing process, carefully moving and cooling the hot steel after the rolling process. As this is an integral part of a Steel Mill's manufacturing process, any mechanical problems or failures to the cooling bed will have huge consequences for the mill. The cooling bed and components therefore need to be manufactured to the highest quality standards and thoroughly tested before installation. Over the past decade, API Engineering has been heavily involved in the successful design and manufacture of numerous cooling beds and cooling bed components for Steel Mills in the U.S and Canada.

API Engineering supplies all components necessary for cooling bed overhauls, upgrades and renovations. Components are cast, forged or fabricated to the end users' requirements and electrical components are supplied through our sister company PPI Engineering.

The three most common designs of cooling beds are Walking Beam, Disc Type and Chain Type.

Disc type cooling beds carry sheet products using series of discs fixed to rotating shafts.
Hot pipes and tubes are cooled on chain cooling beds using raised links to keep each product separate. These beds tend to be longer than they are wide; a result of the product dimensions they typically cool.
Walking Beam Cooling Beds utilise two sets of rakes, one moving and one fixed, to carry long bars and structural steel components across the bed.


Walking Beam Cooling Beds utilise two sets of rakes, one moving and one fixed, to carry long bars and structural steel components across the bed.

The hot side of the bed will begin with grid castings to absorb much of the initial heat from the product whilst offering additional support as the product is still malleable. Moving rakes then lift the product from the grid castings and carry it across the cooling bed to the cool side.

Aligning Rolls are used close to the cool side of the bed to align the product with the yard end of the rake setup.

API Engineering supply components manufactured to the customer's specification including the following:

Moving and fixed;
Machined or water cut;
Including stainless steel welded additions;
Materials include ASTM A516 Grade 70, BS1501-224-490A/B, EN10028 P355GH or equivalent.
Including: Aprons, Grid Castings and Rolls;
Materials include grey iron and steel with heat treatment to customer's requirements;
Available casting methods include aluminium patterns and lost foam casting.
Structural fabrications are used to support the castings and rakes.

Each type of cooling bed requires an entry and exit solution which ensures minimal damage to the product. Some cooling beds are more complex than others, integrating advanced arranging and cooling equipment.

Wear items and spare parts supplied by API Engineering include:
Wear plates;
Roller sleeves;

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About us

Company details

Based in the UK, API Engineering Ltd. has been delivering a diverse range of high quality, low cost components and equipment to a global customer base for over a decade. Our skilled engineers have extensive experience in everything from designing bespoke one-off solutions to delivering high volume manufacturing runs and managing projects for our customers in the heavy engineering industry.

Our main activities are in the Oil & Gas, Steel Mill, Material Handling, Power Generation and Automotive sectors and range from pressed steel components to very large forgings and castings. For more detail about our primary products please see the Products section of the website.

All of our products are manufactured to the latest international standards and fully inspected and tested before being shipped to our customers.

We understand the need for competitive prices and flexible lead times as well as close working relationships between customers and suppliers. Our engineers are therefore always at hand to respond to any design queries and to ensure that material specifications and process requirements are in line with international standards and customers' requests.

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