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  • 01  Machinery for the manufacture of rods, wires and strips
  • 01.01  Casting
  • 01.01.01  Continuous casting lines

Our products

Product category: Continuous casting lines

UPCAST® Technology The original upward casting method

The UPCAST® system produces top quality rod and tube for various applications. It is a simple process with easy operation through an advanced control system. UPCAST® lines are customized to meet each customers diverse needs, the core components being a furnace system and casting machine. A cathode and/or recycled copper charging system and rod/tube coilers are individually designed to match each lines requirements.

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Product category: Continuous casting lines

Research and Development – based on future requirements.

Maintaining a status as a market leader is not all about the number of delivered UPCAST casting lines; providing our customers casting lines supplied with high quality and the latest technology is essential. Ongoing collaboration with customers and other stakeholders sets the direction for future innovations. The UPCAST pilot plant has two casting lines for testing and developing the equipment, products and process.

Various trials are continuously implemented at the UPCAST pilot plant, for example

testing new alloys
various rod / tube wall diameters
different shapes

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Product category: Continuous casting lines


Maximum versatility, minimum costs.
The majority of UPCAST® lines produce rod – both Cu-OF and alloys. Most commonly the cast rod diameter is 8mm which is the industry standard for wire and cable. Bigger diameters are cast for manufacturing a variety of products e.g. bus-bars, trolley wires, electroplating anodes etc.

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About us

Company details

UPCAST® continuous casting technology since 1968 Supplier of the original UPCAST® technology offering a wide range of high quality continuous casting lines for copper, copper alloy and other non-ferrous metal rod and tube production, also designed for 100% recycled material. UPCAST® - first in upcasting

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