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Our products

Product category: Fine wire

Tinned Mono Wires

With our oxygen-free copper wire production method, it is possible to produce tinned hard wire or tinned annealed single copper wire having a wire diameter in the range of 0,05 mm - 2,60 mm.

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Product category: Fine wire

Braiding Wires

Our oxygen-free copper wires with a single wire diameter range of 0.07 mm to 0.252 mm are winded to Spirka and Wardwell coils as either tin-coated or plain wires, based on the demands of our customers, in our high technology fully automated coil winding machines.

Our braiding wire products are serving to the end industries such as: automotive industry, industrial applications and multi-media solutions.

Reasons for Winding Multi Wires to Coils

The production of braiding copper wires is carried out by winding of multi wires on coils on either DIN630 or on DIN560 spool types.

These coils are transferred to small coils (900 g - 2000 g) in the bobbin section. The multi wires winded to the bobbin coils are used in knitting machines to knit at high speeds on a conductor. Very large G (centripetal force) force is formed on the coils rotating around the conductor at high speeds. Therefore, as it is very difficult and dangerous to rotate the multi wires around coils of either DIN630 or DIN560 standard at such speeds, these products are produced through winding them on smaller coils and by using machines which are suitable for such coils.

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Product category: Fine wire

Wire Rod

Comprising two Upcast (Outokumpu) production lines, our casting plant has an annual production capacity of 48.000 tons of oxygen-free wire rods. The wire rod we produce has a diameter of 8 mm and it contains a maximum of 5 ppm oxygen. The wire rods produced with our oxygen-free casting technology constitute the basic input of our production of all our copper wires including superfine segment, which can be thinned down to a single wire diameter of 0.05 mm.

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About us

Company details

Mega Metal, as one of the pioneers of copper wires producers, continues its oxygen-free electrolytic copper wire production in Kayseri with over 30 years of experience.

Mega Metal’s production plant is located in Kayseri, which has an indoor area of 25,000 square meters and a total area of 75,000 square meters. Having an installed capacity of 48.000 tons in copper wire production annually, Mega Metal is both Turkey’s and the World’s leading company with its superfine copper wire production capacity.

"Ranked as 174th on the Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises"

Since its foundation, Mega Metal has been among the list of top 500 of Turkey’s Industrial Enterprises.

With covering more than half of the superfine copper wire production of Turkey, Mega Metal exports to more than 30 countries all around the world, European Union countries in particular, and provides its customers with logistical advantages through its warehouses and offices available in various countries.

Mega Metal provides services to various sectors such as energy generation and distribution, electricity, electronics, communication, renewable energy, electrical household appliances, White goods, special industrial applications (robotics), defense industry, aviation and automotive with their more than 500 employees, each of whom is an expert on their field, experienced, successful, talented and dedicated. Having become one of the most important producers of Europe, Mega Metal is considered as the supplier of the year title by many of its customers.

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