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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Tools and auxiliary materials and agents for the manufacture of drawn wire and the further processing of wire products
  • 03.01  Tools for wire production
  • 03.01.02  Drawing tools
  •  Hard metal dies

Our products

Product category: Hard metal dies

Carbide "R type" for corrosion resistance and wear resistance

"R type" is the materials which strengthened the binder phase.
The matrix hardness becomes higher by strengthening the cobalt phase, and wear resistance and particle holding force are also improved.
Furthermore, corrosion resistance and heat resistance are improved in comparison with general carbide.
And less the generation of electric corrosion and the affected layer with the underwater wire cut.
It will lead to reducing the grinding allowance of a later process.
Since "R type" can be suppressed for chemical corrosion due to corrosive solution, less rough surface due to the elution of cobalt and it is superior materials in the mold releasability where seizure is hard to occur.

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Product category: Hard metal dies

Carbide "RT type" for corrosion resistance and shock resistance

"RT type" has improved heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance by strengthening the cobalt phase of the binder and using tungsten carbide of medium to coarse grains.
Particularly, some drawing or bottomed header dies can archive 5 to 10 times longer in life than conventional.
Electrolytic corrosion due to wire cut and corrosion after polishing are prevented.
Carbide "RT type" are suitable for cold forging.

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Product category: Hard metal dies

Carbide "TFR type" for corrosion resistance and seizure resistance

"TFR type" is new type of cemented carbide developed for processing soft materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, soft steel and pure iron.
Soft materials are easy to adhere to normal Cemented Carbide because of its high affinity to cobalt.
"TFR type" is a carbide grade effective for seizure resistance and wear resistance for soft materials.
“TFR type” has also corrosion-resistant property like “R type” which have already good reputation from many customers.

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About us

Company details

Our company manufacture carbide sintered material and finished mold parts.
All of those products are made in Japan.
We are specialized in making carbides for the purpose of prolonging the life of molds.
This time we will introduce the cemented carbide which increases the life of the forging dies and the drawing dies.
The product name of the carbide is "R type".
It is thought that the tool life improves by using the materials of "R type".
We get high evaluation from many customers, and "R type" have a lot of examples that mold life was extended several times.
We can propose the optimum carbides for people aiming to extend the life of molds.

Increase your tool life with high quality carbide made in Japan

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