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  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.06  Braiding machines

Braiding machines

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.07  Spiraling machines

Spiraling machines

  • 02  Machinery for the processing of rods, wires and strips
  • 02.06  Machinery for the manufacture of cables
  • 02.06.08  Winding machines for braiding bobbins

Winding machines for braiding bobbins

Our products

Product category: Braiding machines


Because of O.M.A.'s high precision technology, the 80 and 104 series braiding machines are perfectly positioned in the market for small size braiders.

With a large variety of bobbin sizes and carrier designs the 80 and 104 series can produce round, tubular or flat braids working with traditional as well as new high tech fibres, with common advantages as follows.

Horn gears speed up to 340 RPM grant the highest production performance.

The innovative integrated frame with sound proofing panels guarantee a noise level below 75 dB without any loss of space or maneuverability.

The high quality of materials, efficient oil bath lubrication system as well as decades of manufacturing experience insure a high level of reliability and minimal operating costs.

Available with the reliable electronic axis control type Siax 51 controller or change gear pitch, the 80 and 104 series braiding machines are offered with countless combinations and models to meet all production needs.

The electronic devices installed on the machines have been designed to guarantee perfect operation without the constant presence of an operator being needed.

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Product category: Braiding machines


The braiders of the 104 HC series have been specifically developed to produce a quality product with high output, representing the best alternative to the rotary type braiders.

Typically used for the screening of electrical cables, the braiders of the 104 HCM series have been rapidly evolving with the 112 mm horn gear that also enables the use of textile carriers.

High bobbin capacity and updated technical features increase the versatility of the 104 HCM braiders and make them suitable for the widest range of applications.

Main Applications
  • Shielding of coaxial, antenna, data transmission, heating, defrosting and high temperature cable
  • Flat, round and tubular electrical braids
  • Electric/steam cable
  • Power cable
  • Catheter and medical products
  • Nautical, safety, climbing, novelty ropes
  • Glass, carbon fiber and composite braids
  • Reinforcing of small rubber, thermoplastic, PTFE, silicone hose

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Product category: Braiding machines


The 190 braiders are specifically designed for braiding of high tensile and stainless steel, copper wire as well as textile and composite fibers.

The solid frame construction, the high quality materials and the efficient automatic oil pump lubrication system permit the highest output with the lowest operational cost.

The 190 Horizontal braiders include, upon request, a unique fully automatic system for wire braided sleeves on rigid mandrel.

This system, particularly suitable for the manufacturing of stainless steel reinforced corrugated hoses, combines the electronic control SIAX 110 Light and a new automatic rigid mandrel retraction device.

Main Application
  • Automotive hose
  • Aerospace hose
  • Corrugated hose on rigid mandrel
  • Medium and high pressure rubber
  • and thermoplastic hose
  • Flexible metal tube
  • Hydraulic hose
  • Armoring of cables.

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