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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.01  Seamless tubes made of ferrous metals
  • 04.01.02  Seamless tubes made of steel
  •  Seamless tubes made of other steel grades

Seamless tubes made of other steel grades

  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.03  Welded tubes made of steel
  • 04.03.05  Welded tubes made of other steels grades

Welded tubes made of other steels grades

  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.06  Other metallic tubes
  • 04.06.08  Precision tubes
  • 04  Tubes, pipes, tube products and tube accessories
  • 04.06  Other metallic tubes
  • 04.06.14  Formed tubes

Formed tubes

Our products

Product category: Precision tubes

Welded Precision Steel Tubes

Kalibre Boru produces welded precision steel tubes mainly for automotive industry. The wide range of outside diameters and special thickness possibilities make Kalibre Boru one of the most important tube suppliers in the world.
The following criterion provides Kalibre Boru with competitive advantage;Extremely tight tolerances, smaller than 0,03 mm are achievable with having less space between forming and sizing rolls.
Low quantity and high quality customer requests are met within a short period of time with quick tool changes and reproducible roll adjustments in support of a high flexible production programme.
Advanced welding quality at different diameter / wall thickness combinations is obtained by means of high performance welding possibilities. As a result, tubes meeting quality expectations of the automotive industry are produced.
The advantage of Kalibre Boru is production of difficult tubes with high additional value, rather than standard tubes in its lines. Thus, Kalibre Boru creates difference in the production of welded precision steel tubes.

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Product category: Precision tubes

Cold Drawn Precision Steel Tubes

In order to improve dimensional tolerances, surface quality and forming characteristics, the tubes are cold drawn. There are two different type of hollows used in this process: welded or seamless.
Welded hollows for cold drawing are carefully produced and checked with on-line NOT test and off-line DT (i.e. flattening, expanding) whereas seamless hollows are obtained exclusively from major seamless hollow suppliers.
Following to annealing and necessary surface treatment operations, cold drawing process is realized on hollows. In order to meet technical requirements this cycle may be repeated several times and if necessary the tubes are reprocessed by a final heat treatment.
The cold drawn tubes by Kalibre Boru assure more precise tolerances, excellent surface quality, controlled hardness and ultimate strength values.
This process is followed by fully integrated equipment which delivers the tube to the packaging. Tubes are packaged in hexagonal bundles after coated with rust preventive oil. On request tubes can be put in wooden boxes, covered with anti corrosive paper or plastic.

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Product category: Precision tubes, Formed tubes

Manipulated Parts

Tubes produced in Kalibre Boru are cut into requested lengths according to the customer specifications. In compliance with these specifications, processes such as, cutting, chamfering, punching, pressing and coating are applied to meet customer expectations.

During production, applications of statistical process controls, measurement techniques and poke yoke methods have significant role in providing the continuity and high performance that automotive industry needs.
The following processes are performed with the most modern techniques and equipment ;

  • Cutting to fix length with very tight tolerance
  • Precise chamfering
  • Brush deburring, washing and drying
  • Punching
  • Pressing

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About us

Company details


In 1978 first cold drawn tube production facility was opened in Kösekoy, İzmit. Three engineers and one operator began their first industrial activity with steel bobbin production. In the course of time, they started to produce tubes for other sectors.
Following the demand growth in the market, Kalibre Boru increased its capacity and moved to its new place in 1986.
After first export to Germany in 1994, Kalibre Boru became a known and reliable supplier in the world and became a preferential partner for the world’s leader automotive Tier 1 suppliers. With the success in the first export, export sales had increased and most of the production started to be exported. Today, Kalibre Boru is a well-known company all over the world especially in Germany, France, UK, USA, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Israel, Russia and Belarus.
Being systematic and foreseeing the future in procedures ISO 9002 quality certificate had been approved in 1995.In 1998 Welded Precision Tube production had been started according to the norms of DIN/EN. After facing raw material supply problems for cold drawing facility, Kalibre Boru decided to implement its own welding lines in order to work out the problems in raw material cost, quality and delays. Thus, this new line brought the opportunity to serve more qualified and lower cost products with shorter lead-times. In the same year, Kalibre Boru also its sensitivity towards environment by acquiring ISO 14001 certificate.
In 2002 KTC ( Kalibre Tube Cutting) has been established in order to meet the customer demands in automotive sector. Cutting, deburring, chamfering, vibration, punch, press and painting lines are the main activities to obtain final product. Cooperation between Kalibre Boru and global automotive sub-suppliers has been strengthened with the production of manipulated products. Customer oriented service of KTC has been approved by ISO TS 16949 in 2004.
In 2007, Kalibre Özel Boru facility has been established in Bursa Precision steel tubes produced with standards of Kalibre Boru in Kocaeli plant are offered for sale with one to one sales method from the stock area of Kalibre Özel Boru.
In every production unit, Kalibre Boru and KTC apply wide range of inspection and measurement programs in order to meet the exact requirements from the customers. In 2008, continuity of customer satisfaction has been approved by ISO TS 16949.
Today, Kalibre Boru has gained a key position within the steel tube producer companies both in Turkey and in the world. There always has been a growing pattern through the respect to environment, leadership in quality systems, value to its employees, high skill in private service, innovative and contemporary management conception, the ability to analyze the targets accurately and thus making the correct movements at the right time.

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